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Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Recoating

Despite the beauty and reliability of hardwood floors, they are prone to collecting unhealthy dust. Over time, even well-tended hardwood will become dull and worn due to daily wear and tear. Contaminants such as dust, dirt, and dander build up on the surface and in between the cracks of your hardwood floors, affecting their natural sheen and fostering the growth of bacteria. 

Hardwood floor cleaning is essential to protecting your investment. While hardwood floors may seem easy to maintain, when your floors go an extended period of time without a professional cleaning and re-coating, you are risking wear and damage to the hardwood itself.  It is recommended that you have your hardwood floors deep cleaned at least twice a year, while applying a new coat of polyurethane, at least once a year (depending on the amount of traffic). 

Modernistic is Michigan’s Dust-Free Hardwood Floor Cleaning Expert!

Modernistic utilizes the industry’s latest technology in hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing!  Our state-of-the-art, power driven rotary brush and advanced extraction technology will provide your hardwood flooring with the deepest clean, while leaving them dry. Our process is dust free and only taken a few hours to complete. If your hardwood floors need some freshening up, call the highly-trained and certified technicians at Modernistic. Our quick but powerful process will revitalize your hardwood in no time!

Modernistic’s Dust-Free Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection. The specially-trained hardwood floor cleaning crew at Modernistic will start by pre-inspecting your hardwood floors, checking for wear, staining, and deep scratches in the wood and polyurethane. Our crew will then preform a test to see if there is acrylic present on the hardwood.
  2. Vacuum. To prepare for the cleaning, the crew will then vacuum all areas being cleaned.
  3. Deep Cleaning. Our power driven rotary brush, partnered with our professionally manufactured floor cleaner is used to break down all the soil build-up that gets trapped on and in between the wood planks, providing a deep cleaning that can’t be achieved with normal mopping.
  4. Rinse. Following the cleaning, our crew will rinse your floors with a special product used to neutralize the ph of the floors, removing any residue, to ensure the finished result is streak-free and beautiful.
  5. Re-Coat. In addition to the cleaning, Modernistic also offers a protective coat of water based polyurethane that can be applied after the cleaning. This protective coat will bond to your floor, filling in the gaps where your existing finish is missing – it’s a refinish for only the spots that need refinishing!

Get Sparkling Hardwood Floors, Today!

Modernistic’s high-tech cleaning process will thoroughly cleanse your hardwood floors, removing all the built-up dirt, leaving your floors glistening with their best shine! Check out our before and after photos, taken by our technicians in the field! You can even get a quote and schedule now, right here on our website!

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