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"My carpet was gross & disgusting!! It now looks like brand new!! Absolutely loved it!!!"

Karen G
Lansing, MI

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"Your technicians were truly excellent; they did a terrific job! I would recommend you to anybody! They were really excellent. It was worth it and they did a beautiful job!"

Mr. Ruff
Kalamazoo, MI 

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"Thank you for providing such excellent service in my home. I have never used your services before and was very pleased with the results and the professionalism of the men that worked here. I will definitely use your services again."

Ms. Schmidt
Macomb, MI

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"The two employees arrived on time, dressed in uniform and explained the air duct cleaning process beginning to end. They showed me before and after video. They wore booties on their shoes and used other protective measures to ensure that the walls were not damaged. We noticed a HUGE difference in the air quality of our home after having the service performed."

Mr. Phillips
Birmingham, MI

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“The technicians did such a great job. They are a great reflection on the company and should be role models for all employees.”

Ms. Holahan
Dearborn, MI