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When To Call A Professional About Mold

When to Call a Professional About Mold

You’ve noticed mold growing in your home, and you want to get rid of it. While some mold issues you can DIY, it’s important to know when to call a professional about mold.

The most common molds that grow in moist areas like bathrooms, basements, and kitchens usually don’t require much more than bleach and water to remove. While many strains of mold are relatively harmless, there are several types that are considered toxic. Aspergillus and Stachybotrys (Black Mold) are prime examples of toxic molds that you don’t want in your home at all! A certified mold professional will be able to tell you exactly what type of mold you have growing in your home and what steps to take to remove it.

Unless you’ve had extensive mold identification and remediation training, it can be difficult to know when to call a professional about mold in your home. If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, you should have certified mold remediation professional evaluate the situation:

  • Is the area of mold growth is greater than 10 square feet? (or you don’t know how big it is?) Colonies that grow large can spread very easily and are more complicated to remove. They require careful precautions to eradicate completely.
  • Have you tried cleaning the mold – only to have it grow back? This indicates that the mold has progressed beyond the point of simple cleaning.
  • Is your home damp? Since mold thrives in moisture, a damp home can harbor deeper, hidden mold issues you may not be aware of.
  • Does it look greenish black and feel wet/slimy? Commonly known as “Black Mold”, Stachybotrys is one of the most common toxic molds in Michigan. Don’t take any chances with mold that has these characteristics!
  • Is anyone in your home experiencing unusual respiratory illness? If you suspect that you may have toxic mold, always call a certified professional to treat the problem – before it gets worse!

If any of these apply to you and your mold issue, contact a certified mold professional right away. Untreated mold growth can lead to extensive structural damage, which is not always covered by insurance. Fix the small problem before it becomes a huge disaster!

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