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Modernistic understands that unexpected flooding to your residential or commercial property can be stressful and expensive. It is important to know the details of your flood insurance policy and when and how to file flood and water damage insurance claims. Luckily, Modernistic has working relationships with insurance companies in your area so we can ensure that your flood damage claim is not overlooked. We make sure our customers stay informed during every step of an emergency flood cleanup and technicians are trained to carefully document actions so insurance claims are processed correctly and as quickly as possible. We’ve also created a comprehensive list of the Michigan insurance companies we work with to help you file your Michigan flood insurance claims.

Filing a Michigan Flood Insurance Claim

The experts at Modernistic know that filing a flood insurance claim can be intimidating and confusing. Allow our professionals to assist you with every step of filing your flood insurance claim, helping with unfamiliar paperwork and documentation requirements. We make certain that your water restoration claim is accurate and complete, allowing you to recover from a flood emergency as soon as possible.

In order to help with the filing of your flood insurance claim, Modernistic will complete the following:

  • Provide appropriate documentation and photographs of water damage
  • Record moisture and humidity readings required to process your water restoration claim
  • Communicate all repairs and losses to insurance companies
  • Provide updates regarding your claim status and timeline

We work with you to thoroughly document losses, determine and record all necessary repairs so you receive the insurance reimbursement for the flood damage claim of your property.

Estimating Water Damage Insurance Claims

When filing a flood insurance claim, accurate billing is very important to make sure you receive the correct reimbursement from your insurance company. Modernistic uses the Xactimate billing system, the water restoration industry’s most accurate professional property damage estimating software. This software ensures consistency, accuracy, and speed for your flood damage insurance claims in pressure situations, from small water damage cases to large water restoration property damage catastrophes.

Our experts minimize the amount of water damage to your property after an emergency flood by providing service as quickly as possible anywhere in our service areas and efficient water removal. We strive to avoid any unnecessary property loss and delayed insurance settlements with careful planning and detailed documentation. Our customers benefit from daily updates, direct consultation, and approximated completion dates. Recover from your flood emergency as quickly as possible; hire the professionals at Modernistic to assist you every step of the way.

Flood Insurance Carriers in Michigan:

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