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Need Upholstery Pet Solutions?

Modernistic knows you love your pets. We also know that pets can sometimes leave behind tough spots and odors that ruin the appearance and smell of your upholstery.

Since the fabric textiles used in upholstery are often a blend of natural fibers such as cotton, rayon, silk, wool, jute and some synthetics, pet spots (and the odor) usually soak right into the fibers and can be very difficult to remove. Pet urine spots can be some of the hardest spots to get rid of, especially on upholstery. Left untreated, pet spots can penetrate fabric fibers, and once pet spots soak in, odors can be become permanent, they can also discolor your upholstery and cause damage to the dyes and fibers.

Trust the Experts at Modernistic!

Modernistic is your one stop shop for upholstery pet solutions!  Our skilled, IICRC trained and certified upholstery cleaning technicians can help minimize and remove pet spots and the odors they leave behind. We offer pet specific non-toxic and child safe deodorizers that eliminate pet odors in your upholstery.  Using our truck-mounted system, scientifically designed upholstery cleaning tools, carefully developed step-by-step process, proven cleaning techniques, and nationally recognized professionally formulated cleaning and deodorizing products, our technicians can give your upholstery a deep clean, deodorization and the specialized care it deserves.

If you are frustrated with the pet spots and odors that are in your upholstery, call the experts at Modernistic — we guarantee beautifully renewed upholstery that you will love! Schedule now!

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