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Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction

When Modernistic arrives to your home or business, we bring with us a $50k cleaning machine, the finest equipment in the industry, to give your carpet, tile and upholstery, the deepest clean possible. We do this using our state-of-the-art, commercial-grade, truck-mounted hot water extraction system, which we power using our van’s V8 engine. Our machines are CRI Gold rated, the highest standard in the industry.  Sounds pretty impressive, right?

What is Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction?

Hot Water Extraction (HWE), formally known as steam cleaning, is the process of injecting super-heated cleaning solution at pressure and extracting it back out in the same motion. Truck-mounted means our cleaning unit is mounted directly inside our truck and is powered by the truck’s V8 engine.  Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction is the number one rated cleaning method by all the major carpet manufacturers.

The Advantages of Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction

Our PTO (power take off) hot water extraction system uses the van’s V-8 engine to power the equipment, making it 20 times more powerful than any electric powered portable machine. This means our vacuum system provides an incredible amount of lift – enough to pick up a 15-pound bowling ball! This powerful system allows us to extract all the way down to the backing, providing the deepest clean possible and the shortest dry time.  We use nontoxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions, metered in with clean, fresh water at temperatures between 220 – 240 degrees, which is hot enough to kill most bacteria and allergen proteins present in your carpet and upholstery.

Because our cleaning system is enclosed in our van, the only thing we bring into your home or office is the hose and the cleaning wand. We inject the hot solution into the fibers and then it gets extracted right back out and into the recovery tank on our truck. Since all of our major equipment stays outside (as does the noise), it reduces set-up and cleaning time. You can have your carpets and upholstery cleaned and dried more deeply and more efficiently than ever before!

  • For the technically inclined: on average we pull 450 cubic feet of air a minute through our vacuum hose. Our cleaning solution is injected through fine spray jets at 500 PSI that has been super-heated (to 220- 240 F) in the truck. All three aspects, vacuum, pressure and temperature work in a perfect synergy to produce the most efficient deep cleaning method available today.

A Difference You Can See and Feel

Check out our before and after photos taken by our technicians in the field.  The photos provide an extraordinary visual of the remarkable difference our truck-mounted hot water extraction method can make. It’s impressive! We are proud to offer our customers both the best cleaning method and the best service experience.  To learn more about why our customers continue to chose Modernistic, visit our testimonial page or check out our Facebook reviews!

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