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Area Rug Washing

Here at Modernistic, we’re not just passionate about carpet cleaning, we have also studied the art and science of area rug washing; we call it Rugology! We know that each rug has its own individual character and cleanings needs, and believe in handling your rug with the best personalized care!

Modernistic Will Revitalize Your Area Rugs!

Over time, your area rugs are bound to endure a tremendous amount of foot traffic, and unfortunately become stained, ripped, dulled or discolored.

Many area rugs are made from specialty materials that are hard to clean and repair, which means a DIY rug cleaning can not only cost you time, but could ruin your rug permanently! Worn out and damaged rugs can also be dangerous because uneven, buckled, or stray fabric in rugs can cause trips and falls.

Modernistic use only the most innovative technologies when performing our area rug washing services! Instead of using mass production or automated washing tools, that lack attention and care, we use Centrum Force® state-of-the-art, advanced area rug washing equipment. Made in Michigan!  It allows for the most delicate handling and thorough cleaning of even your most precious rugs.  Whether it is a machine-made rug or a priceless antique, we handle them carefully –  following our step-by-step process, allows us to completely renew your rug and deliver phenomenal results!

Benefits of Choosing Modernistic Rugology:

  • Newest technology in area rug washing
  • Boutique wash
  • Customized care
  • Each rug is separately treated and attended to on an individual basis
  • Multi-stage inspection
  • No bleach or chemicals used
  • All products biodegradable, eco-safe and hypoallergenic
  • Easy online scheduling

Modernistic’s 7 Step Area Rug Washing Process:

Our seven step, boutique style, full immersion area rug washing system, ensures each rug is hand washed and separately treated on an individual basis.

1.) Inspection

The first thing we do is thoroughly inspect your rug. We examine the precise weave and fiber composition, check for dye strength, and look for at least 30 different conditions common to area rugs. Once your rug has been properly inspected and thoroughly examined by our team of certified technicians, then starts the most important step of the process, dusting.

2.) Dusting 

A powerful soil separator is used to dislodge the dirt and dust that is deeply embedded in the foundation of the rug before it is washed. A regular vacuum is not powerful enough to remove this deeply embedded dirt which can dull and scratch fibers, leaving wear patterns.

3.) Boutique Wash

Our modernized wash process continues with your rug swimming in a bath of clean water boosted with mild fiber specific, color safe cleaning products. Soil is removed by the easy shake up of the wash water without the harsh use of brushes that can damage rug fibers. This light agitation relaxes the rug and allows the soil and grime to literally be massaged out of the fiber. Our hand wash process preserves the rug yarn and pile appearance better than the typical cleaning methods.  Our rug care specialists pay careful attention to detail and subject your rug to multiple stages of inspection, as it is cleaned, to guarantee a difference you can see, feel and smell.

4.) Rinse

Once your rug has been washed, it is removed, visually inspected and rinsed off. It is then prepared for drying.

5.) Spin Dry

Our drying process involves the use of a revolutionary Centri-Maxx Horizontal Rug Wringing Centrifuge to produce damp dry results in just minutes. Contrary to the traditional process, which leaves the rug stiff and may distort pile, this method results in the rug feeling and looking new again. The wet rug is rolled into the cylinder of the wringer and is spun at an incredible 900 revolutions per minute, evacuating the water in less than three minutes. We do NOT use heat in the rug drying process.

6.) Hang Dry

From there your rug is hung on specialty designed racks in our controlled drying facility to ultimately bring you a remarkably cleaner, brighter, softer and fresher smelling rug than you ever imagined possible!

7.) Groom & Deliver

Once the rug is completely dry, it is inspected again to ensure quality results. After the final inspection, the rug is scheduled for pickup or delivery.

Additional Services:

In addition to area rug washing we also offer the following products and services for your area rugs:

  • 3M Scotchgard
  • Moth Deterrent
  • Decontamination / Odor Control
  • Custom Rug Padding
  • Repairs
    • Secure Edges/Overcast
    • Fringe Rebuilding or Replacement
    • Wearing and Replacing Holes and Tears

Schedule Now!

Every cleaning with Modernistic comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! You can get a free quote and schedule for any of our residential cleaning services online with our easy to use scheduling tool! Call our friendly customer care team for more information. You may also check out our Instagram page to see before and after photos, taken by our technicians in the field!

Check out this video to see our area rug washing process in action!

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