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How to Prepare For Michigan’s Storm Season

Posted Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Preparing for Michigan's Storms | Modernistic


Smack dab in the heartland of America, Michigan’s well poised to receive a whole lot of stormy action in any given year. Tornadoes are always a possibility, but even when those funnel clouds don’t touch down, heavy-duty thunderstorms come with the territory. Disregarding the annual risk from powerful Midwestern storms is ultimately a recipe for disaster.

The Risk

The Midwest is one of the corners of the world most prone to severe storms. It’s an intriguing incongruity: Our “flyover country” which of course, is a whole lot more beautiful and engaging than that dismissive phrase suggests, has some of the planet’s most extreme weather conditions. The clash of warm, moist air masses up from the Gulf of Mexico, and dry air onrushes off the Rocky Mountains upon the vast, seemingly flat land of Michigan, establishing the perfect conditions for violent storms.

Coming Up With an Emergency Plan

First and foremost, make sure you and everyone in your family is familiar with your own home emergency plan. Such a plan means knowing where to take shelter during a tornado or windstorm, how to deal with a sudden onset of life-threatening lightning and how to shut off the main gas, electricity, and water lines.

Stocking Up on Emergency Supplies

Whether it’s a 100 or 500 year flood or a devastating tornado, you never know when your home is going to be marooned amid an overnight wasteland. Stocking emergency supplies gives some peace of mind knowing you’ve got what you and your household needs to get by for a few days. Store food and freshwater for several days plus blankets, sleeping bags, and outerwear to ward against the elements. Your emergency kit should also include an NOAA weather radio, fire-starting equipment, a flashlight/headlamp and extra batteries and backup supplies of any essential prescriptions.

A helpful way to plan is to imagine your community camping out for a week or more in your neighborhood. That’s sometimes a stark reality if utility and water lines have been compromised and repair crews have their hands full. Are you prepared to rough it for a week or two on your city street?

Heading Off Problems at the Pass

Your home is all the more vulnerable to storm damage if it hasn’t been assessed recently. After all, high winds and monsoonal downpours are extra-problematic when your infrastructure’s lacking. Cultivate a little peace of mind by having the Modernistic team give your home a thorough once-over: It’s a great way to identify potential problems prior to a storm.

At Modernistic, we’re also here to lend a helping hand in the aftermath of a devastating flood or storm: From removing floodwaters from your home to safeguarding against incoming precipitation, we’ll assess the situation and act promptly to make sure you’re not utterly derailed by a high-water or severe-storm situation. We’ve got decades of experience and all the right equipment to respond speedily to a storm-damage or flood situation: We’re here to ensure an extreme weather event doesn’t sabotage your home and lifestyle. Our RIA-certified technicians are available 24/7 for immediate response to your emergency restoration needs, call us today!

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