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Get Your Guest Room Ready For The Holidays

Posted Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Preparing a room your guests won’t want to leave

Hosting friends and family for the holiday can seem overwhelming. However, it can be hard to be a guest as well. Whenever we stay in someone else’s home, we sacrifice some of the comfort and independence we have in our own space. The perfect guest room will help your guests feel more at home, and give them a place to retreat when they need a break from the whirl of holiday activity. It only takes a little forethought and preparation.

Make sure they have everything they need.

On top of the dresser or night side table leave a small tray with essentials. Include some travel-sized toiletry items, like toothpaste and shampoo, a full water bottle, and a few single use packets containing Advil and anti-acids. Your guest will appreciate having everything handy in case they wake up at night wanting something in an unfamiliar house. Lay out clean towels and washcloths as well, as well as some extra blankets. Finally, consider writing some key information on a notecard, like the wireless password, the alarm code, and the number of your landline.

Keep the space private and quiet as possible.

Make sure that the door of the guest room fully closes and latches. Your guests need a place where they can have a conversation away from listening ears, or binge their favorite Netflix show undisturbed. And even the best grandparents in the world might not want their grandkids running in to say good morning at the crack of dawn. Room-darkening curtains or blinds are a blessing for guests struggling with jetlag, along with a fan or sound-machine to drown out ambient noises. However, you may want to leave a nightlight so that people can navigate a strange space safely in the dark.

Create a space for work.

In today’s busy world, most guests will be coming with some work to manage on their visit. They will need a place to set up their laptops, charge their smartphones, and make private calls. If you have the space in your guest room for a small writing desk, place one near an accessible outlet. If you have less room, try some handy space-saving furniture, like a lapdesk, which can be easily stashed away in the closet. And even a modestly-sized room will often accommodate a reading nook, like a small armchair and reading lamp in the corner.

Add some finishing touches.

A pleasant guest room doesn’t require a huge room or expensive bedding. A vase of fresh flowers, a favorite book left on the nightstand, or small note on the pillow will all make your guest feel welcome. These small gestures communicate how much you appreciate your friend or family member and set the tone for their entire visit. You could also put out a photo of you and your guest to recall other times spent together, or one of their favorite snacks. A personal touch will mean more to your guest than having bigger space.

Consider your guest’s allergies and abilities.

Try to keep the floor of your guest room clear, and the space generally uncluttered. A fuzzy rug on the floor can look inviting, but it can also snag on walkers and canes, and extra furniture can block accessible pathways. Keeping the room clear allows all your guests to move around freely. If you have the space, a room on the ground floor is better for guests with disabilities, or older relatives who struggle with stairs. Also remember that many people are allergic to pets, down feathers, and dust mites. Select hypoallergenic bedding for healthy sleep, and schedule a regular carpet cleaning to remove dust and dander.

Modernistic knows that it can feel like a chore to get your guest room ready for the holiday, so we’re here to make the last task on your to-do list the easiest of all. Contact us to schedule your professional carpet cleaning before Christmas, and be the merriest home on the block.

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