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Tips for Choosing New Carpet for your Home

Posted Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Getting the most for your money in Bay City

When it comes to carpet, smart buyers get the most bang for their buck. While it’s easy to tell if you like the look or feel of carpet, it’s important to keep a few other things in mind as well. Here’s a few tips for choosing new carpet so that you find the best for your home, your budget, and your family.

Pick your pile

Carpet comes in various piles, each with a distinctive look and level of durability. Some of the most popular are Plush, Saxony/Texture, Berber and Frieze. Plush and Saxony carpets have a dense pile that is cut straight across. Plush is soft, perfect for a master bedroom, but it crushes easily and will show footprints or vacuum tracks. Saxony has a traditional look, and wears well in a living room.

In high-traffic areas like the family room, a looped pile, like Berber, is the best choice. It’s sturdy, hides dirt and footprints, and even camouflages stains. Finally, Frieze pile is similar in look and feel to Plush, but more modern and casual. Because of the variegated heights of it’s fibers, it will also hide dirt and footprints like Berber, and so can be used in more places.

Choosing new carpet fiber

Carpets come from a variety natural and synthetic materials, like sisal, jute, and wool, or Olefin, Triexta, polyster and nylon. Most people agree that wool is the premium choice. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, and extremely soft. However, pure wool is also expensive. Wool blends are more affordable and will also have some of the benefits of synthetic fibers, which means these carpets are more durable and stain-resistant.

Olefin and Polyester are great budget choices. Polyester is also ecofriendly, since it is crafted from recycled materials. You might prefer one of these low-priced option in a room susceptible to water damage, like a basement. Many home owners chose Triexta for its softness, a result of its unusual chemical formulation that uses 39% corn sugars. Finally, Nylon has long been a popular choice for residential and commercial use, since it’s resilient, stain-resistant, and offered in a wide range of styles and prices.

Padding and installation

The carpet manufacturer should be able to recommend the carpet padding that will optimally support and cushion your carpet. Don’t underestimate the importance of good padding when choosing new carpet.

Without it you could see your carpet wearing out long before it should. Also, make sure you find an experienced and reliable carpet installer. Aside from avoiding unsightly lumps, bumps and seams, a quality carpet installation extends the life of your carpet.

Understand the maintenance requirements

Different carpets need different types of maintenance. Some will need more frequent cleaning, some are less stain-resistant, and some might require specific cleaning solvents. It’s best to be aware of requirements ahead of time. A beautiful carpet can easily become a stained eyesore without the proper care, so make sure that your choice will stand up to pets, guests, and children. Once you know what you’re getting into you can make your purchase confidently. Then contact Modernistic to keep your new carpet as lovely as it was the day you bought it!

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