How to Care for Your Sheepskin Rug

Posted Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Lake Orion Decorators’ Tips for Keeping Sheepskin Rugs Clean

Sheepskin is gorgeous, soft underfoot, hypoallergenic, and, thanks to the lanolin in the wool, naturally antibacterial and dirt repellent. Still, despite its superior grime resistance, you will still need to clean it occasionally. Many Michiganders are attracted to the look of sheepskin without knowing how to care for it. They grow frustrated when an expensive rug starts to look dirty and matted. Follow these pro tips to care for your sheepskin rug and keep it looking lovely.

Check the tag

You can’t clean every sheepskin at home, so check for a ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag. Even in the absence of a tag, you should never immerse a dyed sheepskin in water. Finally, be sure your sheepskin is a genuine, as you will need to treat artificial fur differently.

Gently Remove Dirt

Begin cleaning your rug by shaking out any dirt, followed by vacuuming the wool with a brush attachment. Do not run your vacuum over the rug, as this could damage both the rug and the machine. After vacuuming, brush the wool with a special sheepskin carding brush, which will remove anything trapped in tangled fibers.

Wash with Sheepskin Shampoo

If your sheepskin is small enough and machine washable, wash it on the delicate cycle with cold water with sheepskin shampoo. Never use traditional detergents on sheepskin, as the enzymes can damage the wool and destroy the leather backing. If it your rug is too large to put in the washer, lightly spray the rug with a combination of lukewarm water and diluted sheepskin shampoo, then wipe clean with an absorbent towel.

Dry Away from Heat

Heat will harden the leather backing of the rug, and direct sunlight can yellow the wool. Instead, spread your wet sheepskin outside on a windy, overcast day, or let it dry indoors. Never put sheepskin in the dryer. While it dries, stretch and massage the leather so that it remains supple.

Brush the Wool

To get that fluffy, like-new appearance, brush rug once it’s dry with a sheepskin brush. Don’t worry if the wool appears curly after a washing. This is its natural state, and your brushing will bring back the appearance you’re familiar with.

Too Big? Not Machine Washable?

Sometimes your beautiful rugs should be cleaned by professionals. Don’t take any chances with rugs that are too large to fit in your machine, older rugs that may be in more delicate condition, or ones with a ‘Dry Clean Only’ label. With Modernistic’s customized rug care, your delicate sheepskin will get the individual attention it needs to stay a showstopper for years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Your area rug needs some specialty cleaning

Posted Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Hey Birmingham: we can help you with your area rugs.

When most people think about carpet cleaning, they think of wall-to-wall services. Often times, area rugs get overlooked. You move them aside when you clean the rest of the floor, or maybe give them a good vacuum. Sometimes you even take them outside on occasion to beat dust out. And many owners haven’t given their rugs a thorough cleaning because they don’t know where to start. But it’s true: your area rug needs some specialty cleaning. Here’s why.

Can you clean your area rug like you clean your carpet?

Well, maybe. While steam cleaning is appropriate for wall-to-wall carpeting, the same approach won’t always work for your area rugs. In-home steam cleaning is sometimes appropriate for rugs made of synthetic fibers, and even then you may not remove all odors. And because area rugs are often made of specialty materials (animal hide, wool, or other natural fibers), even spot cleaning them can cause damage. While you might tentatively try a club soda and water solution, even that you must treat with extreme caution. Area rugs often use rich dyes, meaning they’re more likely to bleed or discolor.

Trust your area rug with a professional

Every rug is a custom job. Their treatment will depend on their fibers and weave. At Modernistic, we carefully inspect each carpet to determine pre-treatment. Then we dust them and clean them with eco-friendly agents to remove any damage from smoke, floods, pets, or anything else. We spin them to remove any excess cleaning agent, and then fully immerse them in our 1200-gallon tub. Then we rinse them, spin them, and then hang them to dry. We don’t use any heat in our drying process.

After all of this, we comb and groom the rug to be sure the fibers don’t tangle into clumps or knots and restore lift and softness.

So if you haven’t had your rugs cleaned in a while, be in touch. We will be sure it receives the best attention.