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Storm damage? Here are your first steps.

Posted Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Storms are coming, Haslett. Are you ready?

Seasonal changes always bring story weather. While it’s important to protect yourself before the storm, what can you do after the damage is done? We know it’s a stressful time, so here are your first steps for tackling storm damage once the weather clears.

Safety first

If you see downed power lines, call 911 and the power company right away. Don’t touch the power lines, and keep your children and pets away.

If your house has electrical problems and flooding, turn off the power. Because water conducts electricity, stepping into a flooded basement with an electrical problem can cause serious injury or death. Turn off the power even if the power’s out—you don’t know when it will come back on, and you don’t want to be standing in water when it does.

Document all damage

Are your rugs stained from flood damage? Is your window cracked from the wind? Is your paint bubbling? What does your crawl space and attic look like? Are your roof shingles intact? Starty by taking photos, videos, and notes of all the damage and compile them into a detailed, itemized list. Then write down the date and time of the storm, and find news articles showing the storm hitting your area. This will come in handy when talking to your insurance company.

Call the insurance

Find out what your insurance policy covers. Michigan law allows homeowners to purchase insurance for flood damage and tree or debris removal in addition to their standard insurance policy. Every time you speak with the company or an agent, write down the date of the conversation and what you discussed. Then submit your itemized list of damages along with other required paperwork to make a claim.

Clean quickly and thoroughly

Time is of the essence in any cleanup job. Bacteria and mold love to grow in warm, damp, dark places, and they can flourish under your carpet and on the walls after a storm. Mold can be especially dangerous for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

In order to prevent mold and bacteria from spreading, keep wet areas open and well-ventilated. Open windows, crank up the dehumidifier, and disinfect to keep the microorganisms from spreading.

Bring in a professional team

If there is significant damage to your home, cleanup with be a big job and you’ll need help. At Modernistic, our 24/7 emergency response team is ready to be at your home, helping you repair damage in your hour of need. Our truck-mounted water extraction system will get the water out of your home, and our moisture mapping technology will ensure that we don’t miss any areas of potential mold growth. We can also work with your insurance company to help provide you peace of mind and help you get back in your home as quickly as possible.

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