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Steps to take before you leave for the holidays.

Posted Friday, December 9th, 2016

How to Protect Your Home While You Travel

Leaving home for the holidays can make normally even-keeled people feel frazzled. Not only do we have to pack for ourselves and often small children, but we have to kennel our favorite pets, make sure that we haven’t left anything undone at work, and cram our cars with more presents than Santa’s sleigh. However, there are a few crucial steps to take before you leave your home empty over the holidays or your homecoming will be anything but peaceful.

Tidy your home.

Anyone who’s left home without pulling the trash is familiar with the unpleasant results. Before you leave, try to catch up on a few simple cleaning tasks. Remove any perishable foods from your refrigerator and pantry; empty your dehumidifier; clear the garbage disposal; take out the trash; and clean the bathroom. Focus on eliminating the kinds of dirt and damp that attract insects and create odor and mold. Then for a really peaceful homecoming, leave fresh sheets on the bed and stock your pantry with some nonperishable breakfast options.

Arrange some simple security measures.

You’ll certainly remember to lock up, but you can also purchase a timer for your lights and program it to turn them on and off at regular intervals, so that your home appears occupied. It’s also smart to speak with a neighbor about keeping an eye on your house, and leave them a spare key. Leave this person with the number of your emergency contact, home alarm codes, and your travel itinerary. Call the post office and have them stop mail delivery to your home for the period that you are out of town, and arrange for someone come to remove snow.

Deal with mail and bills.

While you are in midair is not the best time to remember that your energy bill is due. Before you leave either prepay or schedule payment on your upcoming bills so that your vacation is entirely worry-free. This will also give you a realistic sense of your travel budget. While you are doing this, be sure to let your card company know you’ll be traveling, and to expect some unusual charges on your card.

Protect your home from flooding.

Leaving in the winter means that you have to protect your home from flooding. Dropping temperatures mean that burst pipes are a real possibility. Although you’ll probably turn down the heat before you leave, keep the household temperature at 50 degrees or higher to keep your pipes from freezing. Turn off the main water supply and open your faucets to drain them. Leave one tap open on the lower level of the house so that any additional water will drain off. You may also want to turn your water heater to the vacation setting to save energy while you’re gone.

Modernistic is here, even when you aren’t.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Make sure that the person watching your house knows to contact Modernistic in case of a flood. Even if you can leave to return right away, you certainly don’t want water sitting in your house multiplying damage while you travel. Our 24/7 emergency team can be at your house while you are still standing in line wondering why TSA didn’t hire more help over the holidays. You can travel peacefully knowing that we are here to protect your home.

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