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How to Set Up a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Posted Friday, January 13th, 2017

How to keep your house clean (and hardly try at all)

There’s a certain mystique about clean houses. Everyone knows someone who just seems to effortlessly have a tidy home. No matter when you arrive, things look orderly, bathrooms stay sparkling, and toys seem to remain in designated areas. We know that these mythic homemakers can’t really always have a clean space, but we can’t help but wonder how they do it. The cleaning professionals at Modernistic are here to solve the mystery. Almost anyone can have a spotless home without feeling overwhelmed by chores. All you need a realistic cleaning schedule.

Realistically consider your time and energy.

Pick your most productive times for cleaning. If you know you’re consistently tired in the evening, don’t save all the dishes for after supper. Tackle them in the morning when you’re energetic. Remember that time, like money, is usually lost in small increments. It can be hard to find an hour to work on cleaning, but most of us have five or ten minutes to spare. Pay attention to little moment of time that are easily wasted. Try establishing productive habits, like wiping the counters every morning as you wait for the coffee to brew.

Decide what must be done every day.

Some chores are manageable if you do just a little bit every day, but left unattended for even forty-eight hours they become incredibly daunting. Focus on putting in small regular amounts of time, rather than needing to finish the task entirely. If you can wash, dry, and fold one load of laundry every day, you’ll never need to scale an Everest of dirty socks and underwear. Other chores need to happen daily or they will turn into larger issues. Dirt on hardwood floors and tile will scratch the wood and stain the grout. Prioritize small chores, like sweeping, to avoid bigger tasks in the future.

Think about what should happen weekly.

Some chores have to happen every week, like cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming the living area. Some people prefer to do their weekly chores all on one day, usually Saturday or Sunday. Others find this an overwhelming commitment on already busy weekends. If you’ll consistently avoid an afternoon of cleaning, try tackling the chores throughout the week and combining them with pleasant activities. Clean the bathroom and scrub the tub before a relaxing bubble bath, or vacuum the main floor in your workout gear for some light aerobic exercise.

Get the whole family involved in keeping a clean space.

If you really want to set up a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll need to enlist the help of the barbarian hordes, otherwise known as your beloved children. Picking age-appropriate chores for young children can instill an early sense of responsibility and respect for public space. And having an honest conversation with your partner about what you are both willing and able to do at home will help you work as a team to keep your home pleasant.

Commit to a monthly deep cleaning task.

Once a month pick one thing that has to be deep-cleaned. Dust the bookshelves, vacuum under the beds, clean the tops of the cupboards, or power-clean the deck. If you can do more than one, that’s great! But doing one a month will keep the forces of dust and dirt at bay. You might also consider hiring cleaning help on a single day a month. Delegating the more intensive and exhausting chores can make cleaning feel more effortless. You can focus on daily and weekly chores, while someone else moves furniture and scrubs the oven.

Focus on beauty as well as cleanliness.

It can’t be hard to want to clean a space that, even clean, we find uninspiring. A few simple changes, like a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen, or pretty toy chest in the playroom can make the results of your hard work feel much more satisfying. Even selecting cleaning products that smell appealing can make a clean space psychologically attractive, uniting our aesthetic tastes with the experience of a tidy room.

Find a trusted provider for regular professional cleaning.

To preserve your carpet, upholstery, tile, and hardwood, as well has your large appliances like your dryer and HVAC system, you need professionals who can provide regular deep-cleaning services. These experts have equipment and techniques that you can’t match at home. Talk to someone about the right cleaning schedule for your home. They can recommend the best schedule for cleaning carpet, couches, floors, and air ducts, so that your home is really sanitary and grime-free, with high-quality air.

Modernistic specializes in these types of home services, and our staff is polite, honest, and ready to work with you on a custom cleaning plan. Contact us today to set up your personal consultation.

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