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Modernistic is Michigan’s Leather Cleaning Expert!

For over 40 years, Modernistic has been dedicated to restoring the health of your home and business, and to delighting our customers! Our team of certified technicians specialize in cleaning and conditioning any protected or pigmented leather found in most homes and almost all cars, boats and airplanes.

Our Leather Cleaning Process

Cleaning leather is a combination of an art, science and craftsmanship. Since friction is the enemy of leather, we don’t clean with powerful machines.  Instead we give your precious leather a boutique style, hands on cleaning with specialized products that ensure a safe and effective clean!

Our cleaning products were scientifically developed to obtain a balance of cleaning and conditioning.  The cleaner gently removes soils and the conditioner helps restore the leather’s supple feel and revitalizes the integrity of the leather.

Protect Your Investment

Leather requires more care than textiles. Experts recommend having your leather professionally cleaned every 6 months to remove contaminants and replenish nutrients with conditioning. In between cleanings, here are seven tips to help you protect and prolong the life of your leather furnishings.

Seven Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Leather

  1. Sunlight. Be aware of how much direct contact your leather furnishings have with sunlight and heat sources, as too much exposure can cause leather to fade and dry out.
  2. Proper Cleaning. When cleaning your leather, avoid using excessive water, friction, and harsh soaps or detergents, as they will degrade the leather.
  3. Dust Frequently. Believe it or not, dust particulates absorb natural oils out of your leather. So, dust frequently with a microfiber cloth.
  4. Rotate Cushions. To prevent cracks and wrinkling, rotate the cushions of your leather furnishing frequently.
  5. Dye Transfers. Be aware of items that may transfer dye onto the leather.  Items such as magazines, books, newspapers, even blue jeans all have vagrant dyes that can transfer onto your leather.
  6. Wet or Damp Clothing. Never leave wet or damp clothing on your leather furnishings – it can cause major damage.
  7. Professional Cleaning. Schedule a professional cleaning appointment with the experts at Modernistic every 6 months to keep your leather healthy, clean and supple!

Schedule Now! It’s Simple & Quick!

When you’re ready, scheduling your leather cleaning appointment has never been easier: simply use our online quoting system, or call and speak with one of our friendly customer care representatives.  Our 100% satisfaction guarantee comes with any cleaning performed for you.  We pride ourselves on providing each of our customers with an exceptional service experience, every time!

You can see tons of before and after pictures taken by our technicians in the field, on our Instagram page.  Check out our incredible work and see why our customers continue to choose Modernistic!


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