Need Hardwood Cleaning In Bloomfield Hills?

Do you a have wood floors that need the best hardwood cleaning in Bloomfield Hills Michigan? Then call off the search, because Modernistic is ready to make that hardwood glimmer again. Hardwood floors can give your home an organic and fresh look of elegance. However, despite the appeal and durability of hardwood floors; they are prone to collecting dust, dirt, and dander. Over time, unhealthy contaminants will build up where you can’t see them between the wood surface. And that build-up between the edges of your hardwood, causes the natural finish to fade and promotes the germination of bacteria. As a result, that new hardwood floor shine will fade and dull, at the hands of dirt, wear, and neglect.

Our Dust-Free Process!

1. PRE-INSPECTIONIncludes testing for wear, staining, deep scratches, and acrylic.

2. VACUUM – We will remove loose dust, soil, and dander from the area.

3. DEEP CLEANINGOur power-driven cleaning breaks down soil build-up not possible by mopping.

4. RINSE – Rinsing and neutralizing the PH of the floors. Then we remove any residue, to leave wood streak-free.

5. RECOATFinally, we will apply the protective water-based polyurethane coating.

Modernistic vs. Refinishing

Refinishing worn and weathered hardwood can often cost 6 times as much as our industry-leading cleaning and recoating method. In addition, one of the largest obstacles to refinishing your hardwood floors is the amount of dust and fumes involved with the sanding and sealing. This will not happen with our dust-free cleaning process that only takes a few hours to finish up. Taking that into account, we are confident Modernistic is the best choice in Bloomfield Hills to get your hardwood cleaning done right without making a mess.

Modernistic’s advanced process of hardwood cleaning in Bloomfield Hills, will reinvigorate your home! We care for a mixture of hardwood classes and will protect your investment without hurting your pocket book. Our commercial strength cleaning solutions and high-level equipment will reduce buildup and restore your hardwood at a fraction of the price of refinishing your floors.

Customer Delight!

Our extraordinary technology thoroughly cleans hardwood floors, leaving a shimmer and shine you won’t find anywhere else! Modernistic’s Simple & Quick cleaning method will affordably bring back your hardwood’s brilliant shine, without compromising the cleaning strength! Did we mention it’s affordable? 🙂 Check out our before and after photos, taken by our technicians in the field! You can even get a quote and schedule hardwood floor cleaning in Bloomfield Hills, right here… right now!

Our easy to use scheduling tool is the quickest way to get a quote, then simply schedule a hardwood cleaning in Bloomfield Hills MI. Cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated. Make it Simple & Quick with Modernistic!