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Prepare For Your Cleaning

Thank you for choosing Modernistic! We are so excited to provide you with our award winning service!  Here are few tips to help you prepare for your cleaning.

Pre-Cleaning Reminders:

  • Payment is due at the time of service. The crew can accept checks and all major credit cards.
  • If you cannot be on location at the time of the service, please contact our office to make arrangements.
  • We encourage you to vacuum the areas prior to our arrival for the most efficient clean possible.
  • Please move any knick-knacks, floor plants, and lamps from the areas being cleaned.
  • Doors will be slightly propped-open during the cleaning, therefore we recommend securing all pets, if necessary.

During the Cleaning:

  • Please show the technician(s) any areas of concern, such as spots, odors or heavy soiling.
  • Our technicians will move most all of your furniture before and after the cleaning, with the exception of over-sized, heavy pieces; balanced instruments, such as pianos and grandfather clocks, entertainment centers, mirrored dressers, beds not up on castor, etc.

Post-Cleaning Suggestions:

  • Please limit traffic on the areas cleaned, until completely dry.
  • If you need to walk on the carpet before it is dry, please wear clean, white socks or clean shoes that haven’t been worn outside.
  • To help expedite the drying process, increase air circulation by turning on ceiling or floor fans, and keep the temperature above sixty-eight degrees. The warmer the better.
  • Please leave protective blocks and tabs under furniture for at least 48 hours
  • A light vacuuming after 48 hours is recommended


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