We all want to do a good job keeping up with our household cleaning, and this is the extra step to get you all the way there.

If you or members of your family suffer from airborne allergies, dust mites and pet dander are the likely culprits. Dust mites are the #1 source and cause of allergens in the home, and bedrooms are the most heavily-affected area. 40% of dust mites and allergens are located in the carpet, while the remaining 60% are located in the mattress and pillows. In fact, dust mites make up 20% of old pillow weight, which is why we suggest replacing your pillows every 6 months. Prior to your cleaning, we recommend buying a new pillow, so we can apply the anti-allergen treatment upon arrival.

Modernistic’s Anti-Allergen Treatment is designed to neutralize dust mite allergens—and those which come from dog and cat proteins—for up to six months. Reactions to these allergens occur when our bodies treat them as harmful contaminants, and work overtime to expel them from our systems. Our Anti-Allergen Treatment alters the shape of the allergen proteins, so that our bodies no longer react to them as a threat.

Our process has been scientifically tested and proven effective in reducing allergy symptoms. It is green, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and perfume-free. It contains non-volatile organic compounds, and is made from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds.

The Process

For severe allergies, compromised health, or simply peace of mind, Modernistic provides the best and most advanced treatment possible. Our process includes:

  1. Dry Vacuum
  2. Apply Anti-Allergen Deodorizer (if needed)
  3. Pre-spray care with Anti-Allergen Pre-Spray
  4. Clean area with Anti-Allergen Detergent Rinse
  5. Apply the Allergy-Relief Treatment

Renewing Your Anti-Allergen Treatment

This product neutralizes the effects of allergens for up to six months. Therefore, for the most effective results, this is a service you should have done twice a year to ensure protection from new allergens introduced to the home. Modernistic offers maintenance programs to help you promote a healthy environment for you and your family.