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Air Duct Cleaning in Lansing

Looking for Air Duct Cleaning in Lansing?

Is your family suffering from indoor allergies? Does the dust collect on surfaces as soon as you’ve cleaned them? Have recently renovated part of your home or caused some extra dust in the air? Are you looking to improve your home’s air quality or just freshen-up? Modernistic has you covered when it comes to Air Duct cleaning in Lansing.

Our Technicians Are The Best!

Our air technicians will pull up to your home in a big box truck that has been specially designed for cleaning air ducts. They will have Modernistic uniforms, ID Badges, and smiling faces. Our technicians have gone through the proper training and Modernistic is certified to clean Air Ducts in Lansing, Michigan. The crew will count up your air ducts in your home to give you a clear price before cleaning. No Surprises!

A Cleaning Process You Can Trust.

The cleaning process we use combined with our top notch equipment will ensure that Lansing homes have the cleanest air ducts possible. Our trained technicians make access ports in the main trunk line at no additional charge, and these ports can be used for future air duct cleanings. The crew will remove each vent cover, and using compressed air whips and brushes they will loosen up any dust and debris in the ducts. This will all get pushed to the main trunk line and out to the truck through and 8-inch diameter hose. The access ports will be plugged before the crew leaves and you will get a chance to see before and after photos of your ducts.

Call Modernistic Today!

Modernistic’s delightful staff is happy to assist you in scheduling an air duct cleaning appointment in Lansing at your convenience. Give us a call today to discuss the process, pricing, specials, and scheduling. Many of our customers like to schedule their air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning in the same day. Call us or visit us online to see what services Modernistic can provide you.

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