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Air Duct Cleaning Cost Variables

There are a number of variables to consider when estimating the cost of your Modernistic air duct cleaning service. The price for air duct cleaning can significantly vary from home to home, however, at Modernistic, we are confident that we can bring you the best air duct cleaning service possible, with our NADCA certified technicians and our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Modernistic Air Duct Cleaning Cost Variables:

Listed below are the four air duct cleaning cost variables that Modernistic uses to provide you with an air duct cleaning quote.

1. The Size of the Home

Larger homes tend to have more air ducts and vents, meaning that the cleaning process will take longer, which will make the job more costly.

2. The Number of Furnaces in the Home

Larger homes also tend to have multiple furnaces, which help to efficiently heat and cool the extra space in the house. Additional furnaces, mean additional duct work, which means the job will take more time.

3. The Number of Vents or Registers

As a part of our state-of-the-art cleaning process, Modernistic air duct cleaners seal the duct system in the home, creating negative pressure and allowing a deep clean. More vents in the house lead to a longer, more complicated sealing process.

4. The Location of the Furnaces (crawl space/attic access)

The location of the furnace can affect the difficulty and cost of a job. In some cases, the furnace can only be accessed through a crawl space or attic. This adds complexity and time to the job and affects the cost of the service.

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