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Air Duct Cleaning In Troy, MI

Air Duct Cleaning in Troy

Looking for quality air duct cleaning in Troy?   Modernistic is here to help. You can rest with ease knowing that our high powered and effective air duct cleaning services will clean and sanitize your entire HVAC system. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  For over 40 years Modernistic has been the best choice for air duct cleaning in Troy.

Trusted Experience

Our top notch technicians are trained and certified by the NADCA to service every type of HVAC system. Modernistic’s technicians are passionate about what they do and their on the job experience and standard of quality get the job done right. Our technicians’ professional and courteous demeanor help to make Modernistic the leading choice for air duct cleaning in the Troy.

Modern Technology

We have made it our mission to equip our technicians with the most powerful equipment available on the market, We promise that our friends and neighbors in Troy will have their air ducts completely cleared of pollutants particulate like dirt, pet dander and dust.  With Modernistic, everything that our high powered system removes from your HVAC system is safely deposited directly into our double walled containment system within our truck.  You will never have to worry about dust and debris blowing back into your home.

Customer Delight

We want our service to completely satisfy and delight our Troy customers, as well as every customer. In order to ensure Simple and Quick service we offer online scheduling from the comfort of your home, or you can give our friendly customer care staff a call. Even if you’re just interested in getting a quote, have some questions about the process, or would like to know about other services that we provide, we are here to help you. Friend us on Facebook and don’t forget to check out our before and after videos!  We also have coupons on our website at your disposal, just because we like you.  To experience the best air duct cleaning in Troy, call Modernistic today!

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