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Protect your hardwood flooring

Posted Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Oakland: keep your hardwood flooring intact

For many Michigan homeowners, hardwood provides a beautiful, classic, and durable flooring material in the home. But it’s also expensive, and without proper care can develop scratches and scuff marks. The easiest way to preserve your flooring is to protect it against damage in the first place. Follow these guidelines to enjoy your flooring for years to come!

Take your shoes off.

Shoes track in dirt and rubble from outside which can scuff and scratch your flooring, and the points of high-heeled shoes can quickly gouge your hardwood if the tips have worn down. All things considered, you’re better off leaving your shoes at the door. While you’re at it, get some rugs for all entry ways to prevent dirt from making onto your hardwood. It’ll save you on cleaning time!

Clean regularly.

While rugs and a no-shoe policy will help keep out the dirt, regular cleaning will do the most to protect your hardwood flooring. Not only will this remove surface debris, but it will keep contaminants from being ground into the grain and cracks of your flooring. Sweep or vacuum regularly, and clean spills as soon as they happen to protect your hardwood flooring from moisture damage.

Keep your furniture from causing scratches.

One of the most obvious ways to protect your hardwood flooring is to prevent your furniture from creating marks and scratches. You can do this by buying padded coverings for your chairs, sofas, and other furniture to go on the bottom of the furniture legs. Pads can come as tap or nail-on pads, adhesive pads, or slip-on coverings.

Renew your hardwood finish

You probably already know that hardwood floors require was or polyurethane finish to maintain their appearance. However, this isn’t just about maintaining a clean shine. Your hardwood finish guards against minor dings and scratches from dirt, shoes, and furniture. It also seals the floor against staining from liquids. The cost of repairing hardwood is much greater than the effort it takes to maintain the finish, so make sure it stays intact!

Modernistic offers a special hardwood floor cleaning service throughout southeast Michigan. Our process will safely remove dust and contaminants, and restore the luster of your hardwood flooring. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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