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Plan ahead for easy holiday clean-up

Posted Friday, December 23rd, 2016

Make your holiday clean up a breeze

There are few things as overwhelming as cleaning up all your holiday decorations. It’s almost like planning a small move inside your own house. You carry endless heavy boxes, lose the one that you need, and then spend the afternoon wondering why you have so much stuff in the first place. However, you can make the holiday clean-up much easier by planning a few things in advance.

Check your city trash and recycling schedule.

You know you will have bags of paper, empty boxes, and of course a dead tree to lug down to the curb. Cities often post a curbside pick-up schedule for Christmas trees, and you’ll need to make sure yours it at the road on time. Also, sometimes over the holidays normal city recycling and trash removal schedules are altered. Be sure you are aware of the day to put your bins out on the curb. Particularly because you have extra trash from holiday hosting, you won’t want to miss a week.

Shop for extra storage essentials while you are shopping for gifts.

Do something for yourself while you’re playing Santa for everyone else. Stop by a home goods store and pick up ornament and wreath boxes, holiday light reels, and extra tape and boxes. A nice way to upgrade your holiday storage this year is by picking up a new Christmas tree bag to replace the broken down box your artificial tree came in. Stock up on some tape and clear totes and you’ll be all set for a speedy Christmas take-down.

Think about the order you want to unpack decorations in next year.

There’s nothing more irritating that finding that the piece you need to beginning setting up your holiday decorations is at the very bottom of the last box. As you decorate, think about what you wanted immediately and make a list. Put the list in a box labeled “Unpack First,” and set it aside. Later use the list for reference and fill the box with all the items you noticed that you wanted or needed right away. That way you’ll start your decorating off on the right foot next year.

Declutter while you decorate.

While we are focused on hanging lights and trimming the tree, it’s easy to allow stuff we don’t love to take over our space just because it was already there in the basement. As you unpack your decorations, think about whether it’s something you actually want to keep. Maybe you liked a traditional look a few years ago, but this Christmas you want a minimal, modern style. If you find something broken or that you just don’t enjoy, recycle, trash, or donate it. It will be one less thing to deal with later.

 Schedule cleaning appointments.

Instead of waiting until you’re tired and burned out after the holidays, schedule some professional cleaning now. Set day with your house-cleaner so that you’re guaranteed she’s available. Also, set a day for a full-carpet cleaning. Holidays can be hard on your carpets, but Modernistic can get the last pine needles out of your living room carpet, and tackle those wine stains left from your New Year’s party. Use our easy online scheduling tool to book your appointment before the festivities even begin.

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