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Modernistic – Michigan’s Legendary Carpet Cleaning Company Proves Its Excellence in Emergency Water Restoration

Posted Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Recently celebrating 40 years in business and outstanding success in the water restoration industry, Modernistic has been acknowledged by Contractor Connection as being the “best water mitigation performance company in the Great Lakes District” for two years running.

Modernistic is a proud Michigan-based company that has been acknowledged with the best performance in water mitigation services in the Great Lakes District of Michigan by Contractor Connection for the second year in a row. Modernistic has continued to effectively plan and manage flood emergencies in Michigan to minimize water damage and expensive repairs to homes and commercial buildings. Modernistic recently celebrated 40 successful years in business and outstanding achievements in the water restoration industry, proving our dedication to provide outstanding cleaning and restoration services. The trained experts at Modernistic have ultimately become a leader for residential, commercial and industrial customers for water-related emergencies throughout Michigan and across the nation. During weather and water-related disasters, Modernistic’s water restoration teams of certified technicians are ready to respond to any flood emergency in Michigan 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Modernistic makes filing flood insurance claims easy by providing customers with all necessary documentation of damages to make sure proper reimbursement is received.

The water restoration experts at Modernistic are ready and on-call now to respond to your flood emergency in Michigan. Sending highly trained and skilled IICRC-certified technicians armed with the most advanced property restoration equipment available today is our secret. Responding technicians are prepared to handle any size flood emergency and have access to millions of dollars’ worth of cutting-edge restoration equipment. Customer satisfaction is Modernistic’s top priority during every water restoration project, and our certified technicians are guaranteed to arrive to the scene of a water-related emergency in Michigan as soon as possible to assess water damage and begin water removal and property restoration. Our experts do everything they can to put customers at ease by providing open communication while carefully planning and managing every restoration project from start to finish.

Because of its superior achievements, Contractor Connection has chosen to recognize Modernistic as having the best performance during water mitigation projects for the second year in a row. Modernistic has proven to both Michigan residents and the restoration business community to be a capable, trustworthy and exceptional water restoration company. When you are faced with a flooded basement or need water removal services after severe weather, trust that the Modernistic experts are here to help you. It has never been easier to get the best water removal services in Michigan. Call Modernistic right now, and our skilled team of water restoration professionals will design an emergency plan to remove water from your building and get your home or commercial building dry as soon as possible.

What is Contractor Connection?

Contractor Connection is a respected member of the business community that is dedicated to helping Michigan residents find the perfect contractor they need when faced with a flooded basement or other water restoration emergency. Contractor Connection completes the critical screening processes of contractors for you, saving you valuable time and money. All contractors in their network are carefully screened and must keep required state licensing, meet established program insurance coverage, maintain financial stability including good credit standing, maintain professional facilities and equipment, and perform background checks on their employees who will be on the property site. Modernistic has continued to meet all of Contractor Connection’s guidelines and is now celebrating its second year of providing the best water removal services in the Great Lakes District of Michigan.

Contractor Connection has proven success in the world of contractor restoration management, guaranteeing that you are being set up with a company that can give you the high-quality service you need and deserve. When faced with a flooded basement or other water restoration emergency, many Michigan residents choose to work with Contractor Connection to enjoy the benefits of their rigorous performance management process. Modernistic works alongside with Contractor Connection in order to communicate with the Michigan community and provide outstanding water removal services when you need them most. When searching for a contractor in your area, trust the time-tested screening and management of Contractor Connection.

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