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How to Make Over Your Guest Bathroom for Thanksgiving

Posted Friday, November 18th, 2016

Impress your guests this Thanksgiving.

The holiday season is upon us, and pretty soon your relatives will be making your home merry and bright. It’s a big responsibility to be a hostess, and many of us worry about making a good impression, especially on the out-of-town guests we rarely see. We like to make sure our living spaces are clean and look welcoming. And unfortunately, a dated or dirty guest bathroom can really affect the tone of your home décor. Here are a few easy ways to make over your guest bathroom for Thanksgiving.

If you have the time, put up a fresh coat of paint.

Painting a small bathroom isn’t too difficult, although you want to make sure you don’t have to rush. After some careful cutting in and taping, you can usually get through in the time it takes to binge watch five episodes of your favorite show. If you don’t have time to paint the whole room, think about washing the walls. Often our walls get smudged and marked, and a little scrubbing will restore the look of your paint job.

Buy Fresh Towels and Soap.

Once you’ve chosen a new color for the walls, think about completing the look with some fresh linens. Even if you stayed with the original wall color, consider investing in some new hand towels. Nothing looks quite as inviting, and a pleasant space to wash your hands and freshen up will distract your guests from any other things that bother you about your bathroom design. Don’t forget to complete the look with a new bottle of soap, preferably one in coordinating colors. It makes your entire bathroom look put together.

Clear cluttered medicine cabinets and storage furniture.

Often, especially in small spaces, we add handy organizers to hold extra toiletries. However, these bins and storage carts can make your space seem visually busy and smaller. If you have a small bathroom, removing these permanently may not be a solution. Consider moving them just for the holiday. You can also take some time to go through your bathroom and see what you can get rid of, since empty bottles and unused cosmetics tend to pile up. While you’re at it, properly dispose of any expired prescription medications by returning them to your local drug store. These can be hazardous as well as taking up valuable space.

Choose a new shower curtain.

Often we love the look of a shower curtain in the store, but forget to think about our actual space. If it’s a color you love, ask whether it’s really the best color to work with your tile. You may feel drawn to a complex, paisley pattern, but you may find that it overwhelms your bathroom space. In a small bathroom, consider something that blends into your paint color, so that the eye can move about the room without being arrested by a dramatic contrast. This will give the illusion of more space. Since the shower curtain will often cover a full wall of a guest bathroom, the switch make quite an impact.

Swap out your light fixtures.

We all need to sometimes take a break from holiday celebrating to fix our lipstick, straighten our outfit, and smooth our hair. Your guests will appreciate being able to see clearly, and in a flattering light. For a quick fix that’s well within your budget, begin by changing your light bulbs. You’ll want to choose a bulb with a cool temperature, so check the package for the words ‘soft white,’ ‘daylight,’ or ‘bright white,’ to finds the bulb that casts the best glow. For a bolder statement, changing a light fixture is a simple chore, and you can easily update the look of an entire bathroom with your new stylish pick.

Have Your Tile Professionally Cleaned.

One of the things that bothers most homemakers is old or damaged tile they have to live with for the time being. If you rent, you may not have the option of permanently changing your tile. And even for homeowners this kind of change involves some prohibitive demolition and expense. If a gut reno isn’t on your to-do list, consider having your tile professionally cleaned and resealed. It will remove stains, and restore shine. You might find yourself loving your tile again without enduring any costly and time-consuming construction. Best of all, with Modernistic’s prompt and flexible scheduling, this is one item you can check off your list without any trouble at all.

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