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Is your factory in need of industrial cleaning?

Posted Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Saginaw industries: do your facilities need to be cleaned?

Chances are, if you work in any large industry, your facilities are in need of regular cleaning.  Keeping a clean work environment isn’t just about appearances. Grit and debris on a factory floor contribute to accidents. Over time, it can also work its way into your machinery, causing more frequent break-downs. Some industries try to handle cleaning themselves, but this isn’t always the most feasible option. Here are our top reasons why you should consider outsourcing your cleaning to a 3rd party. (By which we mean: us.)

1. Modernistic has the equipment and expertise you don’t.

First off, handling your cleaning in-house means taking on extra staff to handle the cleaning. That ads a burden to your HR department to handle something that isn’t your specialty. It also means sourcing specialty equipment and products to handle the cleaning. If you have high ceilings, large floors, or difficult-to-reach spaces, you’ll need to invest in equipment to handle them. And that equipment will need to be stored and maintained, and your staff may need to be trained in order to use it. All of which ads up in cost for something which isn’t what you do, and may not be saving you money.

2. Never worry about passing an inspection.

Many of our clients hire us because they know we can do a job well enough to match the most stringent industry standards. We know we can, because we’ve done it numerous times in the past. So if you have a big inspection coming up, don’t waste time on second-guessing: let us handle it.

3. Stay focused on your business.

We’re guessing that industrial cleaning isn’t what you do best. And that’s OK: it doesn’t need to be, because it is what we do best. When you hire Modernistic for your industrial cleaning, you benefit from our experience working with other industrial cleaning jobs. And that’s not just 40 years of quality care serving businesses in lower Michigan: that’s 40 years times the individual experiences of our highly-trained technicians. That’s a lot of cumulative experience. So let us take one more thing off your plate.

If you’re interested in Modernistic’s industrial cleaning program, contact us today. We’re happy to customize our team to address your specific needs.

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