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Which Holiday Decorations to Buy Rather Than DIY

Posted Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Making a Merry Holiday at Home

It’s that glorious time of year. People who normally don’t bake or craft suddenly transform into Martha Stewart. Or the version of Martha Stewart who sets off all the fire alarms and glues her fingers together. Before you get a little overzealous with your Pinterest boards, remember that sometimes it pays to have the professionals take over. Put down the scissors and consider a few simple questions.

How valuable is my time?

We all know what our time is worth, and not just monetarily. The holiday season is filled with small commitments that pile up faster than snow on a driveway. Sometimes the hours spent cooking or making special gifts and decorations become our best memories. Other times we feel anxious and overwhelmed. The key is to only tackle projects that you are sure you can balance with your normal schedule. That way you aren’t spending hours you can’t afford to lose.

Am I doing this because I want to, or to impress other people?

Sometimes we all go out of our comfort zone and try something new. Still, with the pressure of hosting and attending holiday events, we might succumb to the unrealistic idea that we’re all meant to be holiday mavens. Every failed craft and cake begins to feel like a personal failure. If you’re doing something because you enjoy it, and not to score points at school drop-off, then you’ll manage to smile even when your homemade bath bombs turn to goop.

What’s the impact of my consumer choices this holiday?

Mindful purchasing and creative thinking make Christmas better around the globe. Make a paper garland out of recycled magazines instead of stocking up on ecologically harmful tinsel, or bake edible Christmas ornaments instead of buying new glass baubles. Many organizations sell fair trade wares, holiday decorations and gifts, that support artisans around the world. You can also make a point to get your holiday decorations or eat special meals at a local business rather than corporate chains. Spend where you can to support good businesses, and make what you can to reduce your ecological footprint.

Is making this together something that will be positive family time?

There are a lot of ways to make memories as a family during the holiday season. Think about whether Christmas baking or crafting is a good choice for your family. Younger children won’t have the patience for a complicated craft, but might enjoy making something simple and seeing it displayed over the holidays. Older children are more excited when they can be more independent in creating art. Be willing to listen to their ideas even if they don’t match your idea of the ideal décor. Finally, if you know that your family won’t enjoy this sort of activity, pick up the decorations from a store and try something like tobogganing instead!

Do I have a place to store newly purchased holiday decorations?

One of the advantages to making decorations rather than investing in a set from the store is that so much of what we make can be recycled or returned to nature. For instance, a collection of fallen branches put in a vase and trimmed with lights can be kindling for a New Year’s bonfire. Popcorn chains can be hung outside to feed birds and squirrels. Paper snowflakes can be recycled. When it’s all over there’s little to store, and you can look forward to creating it all again next year. On the other hand, when you purchase decorations, you then have to be sure to pack them away carefully and store them somewhere away from moisture and extreme temperatures. It can be a lot of trouble for a few weeks of Christmas cheer.

Is it really a job for a professional?

With an abundance of Youtube videos and online craft supply stores, it can be easy to feel like we can make anything we want. However, sometimes it’s better to let a professional take over. You might spend a great deal of money and time trying to do something yourself, and not end up satisfied with the results. Paying a qualified person to get what you want might be the better option.

Here at Modernistic, we’re familiar with the DIY gone wrong. After all, Pinterest is full of carpet cleaning solutions as well as Christmas crafts. However, even the best DIY methods leave your carpets only partially cleaned, and often damp as well, a breeding ground for mold and odor. At worst, “failproof” home cleaning solutions, harsh chemical cleaners, and rented machines can damage your carpet badly, fading colors and pulling out fibers.

Once you decide which holiday decorations to buy and which to DIY, contact Modernistic to schedule your regular carpet cleaning. Our professional equipment and expert cleaners will take one more item off your to-do list, leave your carpets looking fabulous for the holiday season, and deliver the kind of results you just can’t do yourself.


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