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Give the Gift of a Clean Home This Christmas

Posted Friday, November 25th, 2016

How to give the best gift this holiday season

Holidays are a joyful time, but also a time of great stress for many of us. As relatives age and families scatter to different states, many people feel anxious and overwhelmed by the expectations and responsibilities. Especially when you’re far away, or equally overburdened with Christmas commitments, it can be hard to help. That’s why one of the best gifts you can give this year is a a real-life Christmas elf – a home cleaning professional who can come in and ready your home for the holidays.

When should you think about giving the gift of a clean home?

Sometimes it’s hard to think of a gift for those you love most. People often seem to have everything they need, and simply picking something from a wish list lacks a personal touch. We want our gift to say that we’ve thought about the person in a meaningful way, that we’ve considered their likes and dislikes, and want to make their life better in some small way. Concrete help can mean more than another trinket from the store. Aging parents and new moms are often especially grateful for a little extra assistance. Or, if you have a close friend who’s been ill recently, he or she will likely appreciate some help around the home more than another bouquet of get-well flowers. You may find yourself unable to offer help yourself. But you can offer to bring in a professional to lend a hand.

What kind of help should you look for?

Sometimes you can find a friend or neighbor who does housecleaning on the side for a reasonable fee. However, if you’re willing to pay a bit more, most professional cleaning services offer a one-time home cleaning. If you buy a package of cleanings you’ll often receive a slight discount per unit, but that is more complicated to schedule for a family member. Be sure to shop around, and compare quotes and online reviews, so that you don’t lose money on a less than reputable service.

You can also look for specific cleaning services. You may find that your grandma is happy to do her own dishes, but can’t handle the more strenuous task of scrubbing the grout. Or it could be that your in-laws want to give the upholstery a deep cleaning, but lack the time and experience to do the job. A professional cleaning service can fill that need, and take one more item of their to-do list.

Talk with the recipient before scheduling any cleaning.

When your house is being cleaned, it will cause a certain amount of disruption in your space. Be sure to discuss the best day with your friend or family member ahead of time. You will also need to talk to your cleaning service to see what their requirements are for the home before they arrive. Many services only need you to be home at the beginning and end of their appointment. This means your friend or relative can plan that time to do some other activity, like their holiday shopping. If they have a pet, they might need to arrange to have the dog or cat out of the home, or properly isolated. The recipient will appreciate your considerate gesture more if you consult with them about accommodating their schedule ahead of time.

How to give the gift of a clean home to your friend or family member.

Many people feel pressure to make their homes look as clean and welcoming as possible before the holiday. Especially if we have pets or children, cleaning the carpet is a basic chore we just can’t skip. Arranging a full-house carpet cleaning can be a generous way to chip in towards the expense of hosting out-of-town guests. Try broaching the subject by saying something like, “I’d love to help you with the trouble and expense of hosting us all, but I feel like there’s so little I can do. Would you allow me to contribute in this way?” Once they realize you sincerely want to help, they will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

When you’ve spoken with your family, contact Modernistic for professional carpet cleaning services. Our flexible scheduling and reputation for prompt and reliable service makes us the perfect choice. When you work with us, your family won’t be disappointed with their gift this holiday season. Contact us today!

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