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How to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

Posted Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

You can live your life and still be ready for the holiday this year

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and the reality of hosting is finally starting to hit us. In a few days, the tree needs to be trimmed, the presents wrapped, the party prepped, and the house ready for our in-laws. It’s the kind of pressure that affects even people with a household staff, and for those of us who aren’t Kate Middleton, it can seem downright impossible. Take a deep breath, put some more brandy in your eggnog, and read on. You’ll have your home holiday ready in no time at all.

Make a Good First Impression.

Maybe you’ve realized that decking the halls, or at least all of them, is just not going to happen this year. However, it doesn’t take a lot to make an impact. Focus on decorating your entryway and foyer. Wrap a garland around the bannister, lay out a welcome mat, and be sure to hang a wreath on the door. It won’t take much time at all, but what guests see immediately when they arrive will set the tone for the party.

Declutter, don’t deep clean.

Save going through your closets for spring cleaning. Right now, focus on cutting visual clutter. Take a laundry basket and walk through your main living areas. Look for things that are out of place, unsightly, or just taking up space. Those art projects that have been clipped to the refrigerator since September, that pile of magazines on the coffee table, and the mismatched coasters all go in your basket. Don’t worry about sorting it out now. Put it somewhere your guests won’t see it, and return to it after the holiday.

Think ahead about what your guests want and need.

Whether you are throwing a party or having people for a week, a good host anticipates what his or her guests will need. Stock each bathroom with extra hand towels and soap, rolls of toilet paper, and a new plunger. Create a coffee station, where your guests can easily find sugar, coffee, creamer, and tea bags. If you have guests staying in your home, consider adding a small card with instructions for using the coffeemaker.

Take simple safety precautions.

You may be hosting guests with different needs than your own family. Keep everyone safe in your home by taking a few simple steps. Put child gates in front of stairways, and either install safety latches on cupboards containing cleaning chemicals, alcohol or medications, or move these things where little hands can’t reach them. Add nightlights in the bathroom and hallways, and make sure your porch light is working and your walkways are free of ice. Nobody wants to spend the holiday in the emergency room.

Add a few holiday accents.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money adding decorative elements, but a few well-chosen pieces throughout the house will really make your style shine. Put out some holiday  throw pillows, add some seasonal candles, and a vase or two of greens mixed with bittersweet berries. Once you’ve placed festive tray of snacks on the sideboard, you’ve achieved a holiday look with minimal effort.

Cook as much as possible ahead of time.

People always like to gather in the kitchen, which can be stressful if you are whipping up half a dozen side dishes and appetizers. Plan your party meal so that at least half the dishes can be prepped in advance, cutting down on what you need to do before your guests arrive. You’ll cut down on your last-minute kitchen stress, and you’ll be better able to enjoy the party yourself.

Clean your home strategically.

You don’t need to clean your oven, your bedroom, or that home office. You do want to spruce up your main living spaces. After you’ve decluttered, make a big impact by cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Modernistic can be at your house before the 25th, and our online scheduling process makes getting in touch with us easier than sledding down a hill. Your guests will be impressed by your sparkling interior, and they’ll never have to know that you piled two weeks of laundry next to your dresser.

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