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The 10 Step Modernistic Air Duct Cleaning Process

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Our certified air duct cleaning technicians are highly skilled and have the experience necessary to give you the best commercial air duct cleaning services in Michigan! Customer satisfaction its top priority – and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our results!

The Carefully Planned Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process from Start to Finish:

Step 1 – Arrival

The Modernistic air duct cleaning technicians will arrive at your commercial building with all tools necessary to complete the job. We use the most advanced cleaning equipment in the industry, like powerful vacuum trucks, to give your air ducts a thorough cleaning.

Step 2 – Building Protection

Keeping your commercial building clean during the cleaning process is important. Our technicians wear shoe covers on their feet, lay down drop cloths on your flooring, and place corner guards to protect your walls before any work is started.

Step 3 – Walkthrough

The Modernistic technicians walk through your commercial building to get a better understanding of the complete layout. They locate all registers, furnace locations and points of access.

Step 4 – Video Inspection

Our technicians will prepare a video that shows your HVAC system before any work is performed. After the air duct cleaning process is complete, you will be shown another video of your cleaner ducts so you can see the results.

Step 5 – Getting Started

Technicians expertly attach an 8-inch round vacuum hose to your forced and return air trunk lines through an access hole cut into the duct work leading out to our truck. This allows for the deepest and most efficient cleaning process.

Step 6 – Register Cleaning

Each register in your building is air washed with a high pressure hose on both the outside and inside. This forces any dust, dirt, dander, and debris down to be collected in your main trunk lines.

Step 7 – Trunk and Plenum Cleaning

A high pressure air nozzle and agitation equipment is fed through all accessible supply and return duct work through 1-inch holes cut into your duct work to guarantee a complete clean.

Step 8 – Furnace Cleaning

The Modernistic technicians finish the commercial air duct cleaning process by cleaning out your J-trunk, filter box, blower compartment, and combustion chamber.

Step 9 – Post-Cleaning Inspection

When your commercial air duct cleaning service is complete, you will be shown a video inspection of your cleaner air ducts to guarantee our technicians are leaving you with clean air ducts. When you are fully satisfied with our cleaning services, technicians will plug all one-inch holes made during cleaning and will also seal vacuum holes with galvanized sheet metal.

Step 10 – Wrap Up

When your commercial air duct cleaning service is finished, all tools and equipment used during the cleaning process will be carefully removed from your building. Our technicians clean up any mess created during the job and make sure to leave you with a clean building!

If you have any questions about our commercial air duct cleaning process, please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives. We’re happy to answer your questions and help protect your investment!

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