5 Ways to Prevent Traffic Lanes in your Carpet

Posted Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Who doesn’t love a professional carpet cleaning? The fresh smell, the feel of revitalized carpet under your feet, the relief of being rid of those unsightly spots; Our customers certainly appreciate how pristine their floors look after we’re done cleaning them, and one of their most pressing questions is how to keep them that way. Here’s what we tell them.

The Problem

Have you ever used that orange soap? That industrial-grade, gritty, no-nonsense soap you usually find near a slop sink or auto shop? If you haven’t, it’s got a rough texture that scours whatever you’re cleaning. It does a great job of scrubbing dirt and soil off your hands specifically because it’s so gritty. Your carpet experiences the exact same thing when it gets dirty.

Up close under a microscope, dirt particles look a lot like broken glass. They act as an abrasive, scouring and grinding against whatever they come across. The unfortunate thing is your carpet isn’t nearly as resilient as your hands! Dirt will cut up and wear down carpet fibers, which don’t heal like human skin.

Over time, walking over dirty carpet will grind those particles into the fibers where you step, resulting in wear patterns in your traffic lanes. Not good! Once wear patterns form, that’s actual damage; all the cleaning in the world won’t fix damaged fibers!

The best thing you can do to keep your carpets looking great for years is to prevent traffic lanes from forming. Here’s how:

  1. Get the dirt off your feet – Use door mats on any door that leads outside, and make sure to use them! You can also make it a habit to take off your shoes when inside. No dirty shoes, no dirt getting into your carpet.
  2. Keep your hard floor surfaces clean – Dirt sticks to carpet, but it slides right off hard surfaces like hardwood and tile. Keep these floors clean, and you won’t have to worry about transferring soil to your carpets.
  3. Vacuum frequently – Depending on the foot traffic your floors get, you’ll want to vacuum frequently and (most importantly) regularly. High-volume businesses especially should vacuum carpeted areas daily to keep them looking their best.
  4. Have your carpets professionally cleaned – Since carpet fibers do a great job of hiding dirt, professional hot-water extraction cleaning should be scheduled regularly. Even if your floors don’t look soiled, dirt could still be hidden away, damaging carpet fibers and creating those horrible wear patterns.
  5. Apply fiber protection – After a professional cleaning, applying a fiber protector like 3M Scotchgard™ Protection will help repel dirt and stains, creating a barrier that will help keep the soil from destroying your fibers.

With these tips, you should be able to form a maintenance plan that will help keep your carpets wear-free throughout their lifetime. If you still have questions, or would like a plan from the pros, contact Modernistic for all your carpet maintenance needs!

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Posted Monday, May 22nd, 2017

When we say we’ll get it clean, we mean it! You may have to reconsider the 5-second rule after you see these 22 photos.

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Helping the Elderly Clean Their Home

Posted Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Ensuring that your loved one lives in a clean home.

We all want to do our best for our aging relatives. The National Family Caregiver Support center recently issued a study that shows over 45 million people are caring for a disabled, elderly or chronically ill family member every year. On average, these people provide 25 hours of care per week—the equivalent of a part-time job. That’s also twice the amount of annual care as that provided by paid caregivers, making recent developments in self-sustainable elder care like bath lifts and stair lifts important for several reasons. If you are helping care for an elderly relative, think about these steps so that you can provide the best care while staying healthy yourself.

Tackling the mess with an elderly relative.

A cleaner space is a safer space and a healthier space, so many caregivers are motivated to cut some of the clutter, and certainly to eliminate dirt, debris and mold. However, older people can find it difficult to let go of possessions, or even handle the physical demands of cleaning. Given the difficult and personal nature of this task, it’s usually up to family to handle it. It’s helpful to be prepared for the emotional and logistical issues that arise. This may be a good time to ask for other family members for assistance in helping your relative sort through the valuable and the sentimental.

Reasons that older relatives struggle to organize.

Your relative’s failing health makes routine tasks much harder than they once were. But that’s not the only reason that cleaning can become such a thorny issue. Once people reach a certain age, some struggle with certain psychological barriers to throwing things out. Even rearranging can seem daunting. For some, possessions help fill the ache of loneliness. For others, depression makes even the simplest tasks seem overwhelming. And many older people, losing the independence they’ve had in other areas of life, value having control over their personal space, including decisions about which things go and which stay. Work with your relative as much as possible to help them retain a sense of control over their life.

Remember to respect your loved one’s choices.

This is a difficult time of life for caregivers but also for those who are increasingly dependent on your help. Just because someone is getting older shouldn’t mean their opinion doesn’t matter. When something happens that makes you think someone needs help cleaning and organizing, talk with them. Bring up your concerns, and ask if you can work together to decide what has to happen. The more involved they are, the less anxiety people feel, and the more you’ll be able to tackle these problems as a team.

Make a plan.

Going through someone else’s home is a big job. Ahead of time, walk through the home and make a list of issues that you will need to address. The most urgent tasks are health and safety hazards. You’ll want to check that the fire alarms are working, walkways are clear, food is fresh, etc. Second, address hording or organizing issues. Is the basement a maze of boxes and closets stuffed to the brim? Finally, consider how you can make the space feel welcoming and familiar, noting particularly special possessions you can showcase. The end goal is to make your loved one secure and happy in their home.

Come with the right tools for the job.

Whether it’s a weekend project while you visit from out-of-town, or a sustained effort at nearby relative’s home, get everything you need to work ready before you show up. This will be different depending on the scope of the undertaking. Think about whether you need to arrange for a dumpster, or maybe to rent a storage unit. When you arrive come with boxes, trash bags, tape, gloves, and any cleaning products you plan to use. Ask friends and family to help out – it’s important to take care of yourself too.

Try the three box method.

If you’ve gotten all the obvious health and safety hazards under control, then it’s time to think about what to do with a lifetime of heirlooms, junk, and everyday objects. As much as possible, include your relative. Walk through each room and divide what you find into three piles. One is to keep, another to donate, and the last to toss. This can take hours and be emotionally draining, so allow people with fragile health time to rest.

Finish with a deep clean.

Once you’ve done some basic decluttering and housekeeping, finish with some deep-cleaning. Particularly if this is a short visit to a relative’s home, you want to leave everything as clean as possible. Since you may be tired after your earlier efforts, you might consider hiring someone to thoroughly clean bathrooms and appliances.

Don’t forget that upholstery, draperies and carpets trap odors, mold, dander, and bacteria as well. A professional carpet cleaner can take care of this dirty task for you. Modernistic has flexible scheduling, which allows us to work with you to leave your loved one’s home as clean as possible. After using our services you’ll know they are as comfortable as possible until your return. Use our easy online scheduling tool to make an appointment today.

Helping the elderly clean their home in Jackson, Michigan for 40 years.

Cleaning your carpet can help you sell your home

Posted Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Trying to sell your home? Cleaning your carpet may be the trick you need.

Whether you’re changing jobs, growing a family, or emptying your nest, selling your home can be a lot of work. Fortunately, a good realtor can help you maximize your efforts and net the most cash at the end of the sale.

One of the most important aspects of selling your home is staging it well. You can’t change your home’s location, and while doubling the garage size or adding an extra bedroom would up the property value, it takes more time and money than most sellers want to invest. So a good staging can add that extra oomph your house needs to attract interest.

What is staging?

Staging your home includes everything from taking out the trash to deep cleaning: anything that will make a house more homey and inviting to a potential buyer. Since you want your potential buyers to envision their home in your house, efforts to “depersonalize” your home can help give it a boost in the potential buyer’s mind. Removing family pictures, clothes, boots, toothbrushes, and heirlooms can help keep the buyer thinking about how their own personal touches would appear in the house. But don’t worry if your house begins to feel empty: A house most attractive to potential buyers has about 60 percent of the amount of “stuff” that most people like to have to live in. That means it’s helpful to clear out all your clutter and, if possible, some of your furniture and art.

Cleaning is a vitally important part of staging.

Have you ever been a guest in a dirty home? It’s hard not to wonder what’s growing behind the toilet or how long that spill on the counter has been there. Nothing makes people feel less at home than someone else’s mess. If the house isn’t clean, potential buyers will have a hard time feeling comfortable, and comfort is a must in every home.

So cleaning your home and carpet can help you sell your home, but how clean does your house need to be? The short answer is: very. Sweep, mop, brush, vacuum, wipe—give your house the works. Having the house deep-cleaned can give it a crisp, fresh new feel that can have potential buyers feeling right at home and ready to make their own fresh start.

Let’s take a look at the carpet.

What does your carpet look like to a potential buyer? Perhaps more importantly, what does your carpet smell like to a potential buyer? Cleaning your carpet can help you sell your home, so take a look around: are there dog hairs lining the walls or mysterious stains peeking out from below the furniture? You might not think much about a stain if you remember your toddler taking a tumble with a cup of juice. But don’t forget that potential buyers don’t know the story, and they’re probably going to feel uncomfortable walking on it.

Do I need to deep-clean my carpet?

If your carpet is old, has stains, smells funny, or hasn’t been deep cleaned in a few years, a good deep-cleaning can take care of these problems. Unfortunate odors and stains in carpet are usually caused by food, animal dander, or the mold that comes from trapped moisture. Good professional cleaners with high-quality equipment can remove these from your carpet, so it will look and smell its best.

As a bonus, deep cleaning will reduce the allergen count in your rooms. Dust mites, mold, and animal dander are some of the main allergy triggers for people who have household allergies, and they often hide in carpet. A deep-clean will clear these out and cart them away. Even if you don’t have home allergies, a potential buyer might, and triggering an allergic reaction won’t help them feel comfortable. And that’s just one more way cleaning your carpet can help you sell your home!

What about carpet protection? Is that worth it?

If your house is on the market, you’ll have lots of potential buyers tramping in and out with their realtors, taking a look at the place and assessing it, until it goes under contract. You just cleaned your home and paid for a deep-cleaning. How do you feel about their muddy boots and hot coffee on your carpet?

Carpet protection can keep spills, stains, and dirt from doing their worst damage. How do they work? First, it prevents liquid from soaking into the carpet fibers, so a quick-response blotting can remove more of the spill. And second, they prevent spills from attaching themselves from the fibers, so the next vacuum or deep clean can more easily collect the grime and take it away.

If cleaning your carpet can help you sell your home, keeping it clean is just as important.

Home sweet home

With a beautifully staged and professionally cleaned home, you’re sure to have solid offers before too long. If you have a good realtor to guide you through the process, you’ll soon close on the house, have some more cash in the bank, and be ready to move on to life’s next adventure.

Helping residents of West Bloomfield, Michigan, stage their homes for 40 years.

How to choose new carpet for your nursery

Posted Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

4 tips for choosing new nursery carpeting.

Bringing a baby home is a joyful occasion. Your family is growing, and when the tiny newest member comes home for the first time, you want to have a cozy place ready and waiting. For the first few months, your little one will probably spend most of his or her time in your arms or in the cradle. But before you know it, it’ll be time to explore.

Children spend a lot of time on the floor, scooching, crawling, walking, tumbling, and finding things to put in their mouths. So, in addition to color and texture, it’s important that the carpet in the nursery be safe and child-friendly. Here are four things to consider when you choose new carpet for your nursery.

1. Carpeting or not?

A padded floor can be a great advantage in a nursery. It keeps your feet warm during middle-of-the-night trips to calm a crying child and, more importantly, protects a child from the bumps and bruises that often accompany the first attempts at walking. It’s also quieter to walk on, making it less likely that you’ll disturb your child at nap time, and that they’ll disturb you less once they start tumbling about and making a ruckus. So if you’re trying to decide whether or not to carpet a nursery, carpeting is definitely the way to go.

On the other hand, if you already have hardwood floors, consider adding a rug to help cushion the area. This will help protect your toddler in case of a fall, and will also prevent toys from breaking to pieces if they’re dropped. Rugs are also easier to replace if they get ripped or stained, and you can update them to suit your child’s tastes and interests as they grow.

2. Install early and give it a good clean.

While carpets are a great option to help keep a room padded and baby-friendly, it’s best to install a new carpet early and give it a good clean before the baby arrives. This is due to that “new carpet smell” which adults recognize and easily forget about, but which can be much more troubling for babies. While it may sound odd to clean a brand-new carpet, Modernistic can help remove any residue left over by the manufacturing and installation process. And all our cleaning agents are pet and child-friendly, so there’s no need to worry about your little one crawling over the carpet.

3. Soft, safe, and secure.

When considering carpet or a rug, run your hands along it and think about how it feels. You want to choose a fiber that feels naturally soft to protect your baby’s delicate skin. Remember, this is where your baby will be practicing tummy time and pre-walking army crawl. Also consider choosing a natural fiber for your carpet. They may be a little more expensive, but they have other benefits, such as being naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking at an area rug, remember that they can slide all over a hard floor if they’re not secured in place. So find a carpet pad that will grip and protect the floor below, and, as a bonus, add some extra padding for those toddler tumbles.

4. But how does it look?

The most obvious consideration in choosing new carpet for your nursery is how it looks with the rest of the decor. You want to create a space that’s inviting and calming and beautiful, but that also provides fun colors, patterns, and textures for your child to explore.

If you’re already planning lots of patterns and prints in the room, a solid color on the floor is your best bet to prevent the room from looking too busy. Consider the rest of your decor: What color do you want to highlight? Try to find a rug or carpet in that color. A splash of blue on the floor will bring out the blue in the patterns on the curtains and furniture.

On the other hand, if most of the nursery is blocks of solid color, the rug can be a fun place to add some pattern. Try to find a rug with one or two colors also used elsewhere in the decor to tie the room together. You can also use a patterned rug to highlight a theme in the nursery. A kid’s zebra-print rug can enhance an animal theme, or a leaf pattern can boost a woodsy theme.

Be sure to measure the room and make a plan before purchasing an area rug. Size is important, but so is shape and position: if the crib or dresser has one leg on and three legs off, it will wobble.

Keeping your nursery carpet clean.

Carpets and rugs are far and away your best choice for nursery decorating, but they need regular cleaning to stay that way. Blot up spills as soon as they occur, and vacuum on a regular schedule of at least once a week. When you do, make sure to go slowly in both directions to help pull up dust and dander from lower down.

And with all the excitement of bringing a newborn home, don’t forget to keep up with your semi-annual carpet cleaning. As parents, you know how important it is to keep your children healthy and safe. Regular professional carpet cleaning will cut down on allergens buried in the carpet fibers, and our truck-mounted extraction system will go even further, removing 96% of all bacteria and allergens with every cleaning. You’ll keep your growing family healthy, and extend the life of your carpet while you’re at it.

When you’re ready to set up an appointment, contact Modernistic. We’re here to help you create a clean and cozy environment for when you bring your new baby home.

Keeping nurseries clean in Middleville, Michigan for 40 years.

How to Be a Good Guest This Holiday Season

Posted Friday, December 16th, 2016

Easy ways to be a better house guest

Many of us will be travelling for the holidays, and staying with friends and family. Seeing loved ones is always exciting, but it also can be quite a stressful season for guests and hosts. Be a courteous guest this holiday season by following these simple guidelines, and you will always be welcome back.

A good guest comes prepared.

Sometimes your host will have a spare toothbrush or set of socks, but it’s not endearing to consistently show up without necessities. This goes beyond just making sure you’re well-stocked with pajamas and floss. Check the weather forecast and make sure you have the appropriate clothes for the weather, so that you have your own heavy coat or umbrella if you need it. Also remember to pack some travel sized medications, so that you have your own anti-acids or pain relievers if you need some at midnight.

A good guest is tidy.

Whether you have a guest room to yourself or an air mattress in the living room, keep your belongings orderly. You aren’t staying at a hotel, and there isn’t a maid to come and clean your space. Make the bed in the morning, and keep your belongings out of the main living areas as much as possible. Dirty laundry goes neatly in a hamper, and your toiletries should be stowed in your bag, not strewn over the bathroom counter. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, and after shared meals help with the clean up.

A good guest respects the routine of the house.

Chances are the house schedule is a little different than yours, especially if you’re staying with people who have small children. Ask about the normal household routine. Unless there’s something you absolutely must do, try to accommodate their schedule. If it’s lights out at ten, don’t be the person who wakes the sleeping baby. Even if you aren’t ready for bed, spend a quiet evening in your room with snacks and Netflix. If you’re likely to get up first, ask about a few breakfast options you can get on your own. Learn how to use the coffee machine, and treat your hosts to a hot pot when they wake up. A good guest makes an effort to engage with everyone.

Maybe you don’t really think of yourself as a ‘kid person,’ or you’ve never particularly warmed to your cousin’s girlfriend. However, you are a guest in someone’s home. Make an effort to be courteous and sincerely interested in the people around you. Play a round of monopoly with the kids and ask a few thoughtful questions about people’s lives. It shows that you care about the people who care enough about you to share their home.

A good guest brings a gift.

Hosting people, especially large groups of people, is expensive. The costs of extra food, special activities, and entertainment can quickly add up. Meanwhile, as a guest you are probably saving quite a bit of money that you’d otherwise have to spend on accommodations. A gift of wine or food is a nice way to contribute, either by bringing something or taking your hosts out to dinner. While your hosts may not necessarily expect it, you will stand out as an especially considerate house guest.

A good guest helps clean before they leave.

The morning of your departure you should strip your bed and gather any towels that you used for your hosts. If you know your host well you might even ask to use the laundry room so you can clean your own linens and remake the bed with fresh sheets. After staying for a week or longer it’s also nice to surprise your guests with a small bag of groceries replacing what you’ve consumed.

If you traveled with pets or small children it also is particularly helpful to offer pay to have the carpets cleaned. Muddy footprints, stains from spilled soda, dander and pet accidents can leave your guests with an unpleasant reminder of your stay. End the visit on good note by refreshing your host’s carpets. You can book an appointment as you drive to the airport using your smartphone.

Use our online scheduling tool, and be the best guest of 2016.

Serving Holland, Michigan for 40 years.

Meaningful Consumption in the Holiday Season

Posted Monday, December 12th, 2016

How to give gifts that mean and do more.

Americans are looking for a way to get more joy from the money they spend. In recent years, the popularity of books like Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up show that Americans are looking for a way to consume responsibly. We’ve found ourselves overwhelmed by kitsch, cheap clothes, and piles of plastic toys. And the holidays seem to have become a time to accumulate ever more of these things. If you’re ready for a change this year, consider some of our recommendations for meaningful consumption in the holiday season.

Happiness can’t be wrapped.

The widely recognized research of Thomas Gilovich at the University of Cornell supports the idea that experiences, not material possessions, are what make us happy. This is because people are less likely to compare the relative value of experiences. For instance, I don’t tend to compare my own experience hiking in the Rocky mountains with my neighbors’ beach vacation in the same way as I might compare our respective cars. Moreover, the pleasurable anticipation of waiting for an experience contrasts with the impatience we feel waiting for a new possession.

Spend money on experiences not objects.

A satisfying and memorable gift capitalizes on this psychological reality. You can give an experience by getting tickets to a show, a certificate to a Michelin star restaurant, or a pass to America’s national parks. If the gift is date-specific, be sure to find out ahead of time if the person is available that day. You can make you gift even better by committing to enjoy the experience with the recipient. You’ll create a positive memory with your friend or family member, strengthening your relationship, another source of meaningful happiness.

Make purchases that do good in the world.

Sometimes you really do want a cute gift to wrap under the tree. Still, your purchase can do a lot of good in the world thanks to those businesses that donate a portion of their profits to charity. If you’re looking for something easy just log on to AmazonSmile. A small portion of any money you spend at the site, which works just like Amazon, will go to a charity of your choice. You can also support businesses which give back. Several toy and children’s clothing companies donate either a product or a portion of every sale to children in need. These include B Toys, Better World Books, and Baby Teresa. Finally, many charitable organizations like St. Jude’s, UNICEF, and the World Wildlife Fund offer fun and stylish products for sale on their websites.

Give the gift of a cleaning service.

The holidays can be a particularly overwhelming time for people who may already have trouble keeping their homes as clean as they would like. Older relatives, new mothers, busy career parents, and stressed host and hostesses all could use a little help. You could purchase a gift certificate for maid services, or a day with a professional organizer. But one of the most impactful gifts you could give is a whole-home carpet cleaning. During the muddy winter months in Michigan, nothing could make a bigger difference in the overall feel of your home. In addition, it will provide a myriad of health benefits by ridding a home of dander and dust. This will particularly help allergy suffers start the New Year without a sniffle.

Contact Modernistic today.

If you’ve decided to give the gift of a clean home, Modernistic’s IIRC certified carpet cleaning technicians are the clear choice. We’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for nine consecutive years, and have an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau. If you want to give a Christmas gift that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, contact Modernistic today.

Serving Farmington and Farmington Hills, MI for 40 years.

How Road Salt Affects Your Floors and Carpets

Posted Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Winter floor care that will make your hardwoods and tile last.

Winter weather in Michigan brings its share of hassles. We spend hours shoveling, winterizing, and de-icing everything in sight. Most of us rely on one of the commercial brands of ice melt to do some of the work for us. These handy, calcium-chloride based products melt away stubborn ice and keep our walkways safe. City road crews and private businesses use rock salt liberally as well. Eventually, it’s inevitable that we track it into homes and businesses, where it can damage our floors. The experts at Modernistic have a few recommendations that should help you protect your hardwoods and tile from salt this winter.

Apply salt sparingly.

People often use too much ice melt thinking that, unless the salt is actually touching all of the ice, the product won’t work. This isn’t the case. Salt dissolves in the thin layer of water always present on the surface of the ice. As it dissolves, it lowers the freezing point of the liquid, since salty water freezes at temperatures far lower than fresh water. As the saltwater solution spreads over the surface of the ice, it naturally distributes salt evenly, and continues the thaw. Using a moderate amount of salt will be just as effective and reduce the chance of salt being tracked into your home.

Know how to identify salt on the floor.

Most often salt appears either in the form of small granules or white splotches left behind when puddles of salty water dry on the floor. Although most often salt will leave a white mark on the floor, don’t assume that without visible stains there is no salt residue. Different ice melt formulations will leave a slick film instead of a white stain. Check the floor to see if it feels sticky or oily, and remember that it’s almost impossible to avoid salt during the winter.

When you see salt on your floor remove it as soon as possible.

Sweep up any undissolved salt you see, and try to keep wet shoes at the door and on a mat. As with most spills and dirt on your floor, the longer the salt sits the more likely it is to permanently mar the look of your hardwood or tile. It will scratch the floor just like any dirt, but the effect of salt on your floors can be much worse. In fact, salt can even dissolve the surface finish on floors, making it imperative to remove it quickly.

Use a neutralizing cleaner on your floors.

If you see or feel dissolved salt on the floor, you will need to use a special cleaner to remove it.

Salt is alkaline, which means that normal cleaning products, which have a neutral pH, will only spread the alkaline salt around without removing or dissolving it. To make matters worse, since the salt residue is sticky, it attracts dirt as well. Instead of using your ordinary cleaning solution, switch to a neutralizing cleaning agent that will change the pH of the salt.

How to make your own neutralizing cleaner.

You can pick up a neutralizing cleaner at your local hardware store, but if you don’t feel like making a special trip you’re in luck. You probably already have a neutralizing cleaner on hand – distilled white vinegar. White vinegar is a safe, weak acetic acid. A half cup in a bucket of water should react with the alkaline salt residue and safely neutralize it so that it wipes away easily.

What if your floor finish is already damaged?

If your hardwood and tile are already looking dull and damaged, we know how to help. Modernistic’s unique hardwood cleaning process will remove salt, as well as dust, dirt, and dander. We vacuum, deep clean, rinse, and re-coat your hardwood so that it gleams like winter never happened.

Often entry areas, like mudrooms, have tile floors. If the surface of the tile seems dull and scratched, it might be time to let the professionals at Modernistic clean and reseal your floor. Not only will our penetrating sealant restore the shine to damaged tile, but it will protect your floor from further damage. You can use our easy online booking system to get a quote and schedule either service online here.

Serving Jackson, MI for 40 years.

Renting a Steam Cleaner: DIY, or Call in a Professional?

Posted Monday, October 24th, 2016

Berkely, Michigan residents know when they’re up against when renting a steam cleaner.

Whether it’s accidents from the new puppy, spills from the toddler, or a misstep when the Michigan weather moved the barbecue indoors, sometimes your carpets need a little extra care. Or maybe it’s just been a while since the last deep clean. Either way, an annual deep-cleaning can extend the life of your carpet, keeping your home looking great. But should you rent a steam cleaner or hire some help? Here are five things to consider while making your decision.

What is your time worth?

If you’re considering renting a steam cleaner, consider what your time is worth to you. Would you rather spend the day with your family or lugging around a heavy cleaning machine? And it’s not just the time it takes to do the cleaning: it’s the time it takes to learn to do the job right. Carpet cleaning includes a few crucial elements that are tricky if you don’t do it every day. For example, getting the correct ratio of detergent to water, knowing if the machine isn’t running properly, and recognizing when the detergent and water are sufficiently removed from the carpet—all this takes skill, which comes with practice.

Rented carpet cleaners can be heavy.

Some rental cleaners can weigh 40 pounds, and that’s before filling the tank with water and detergent. Water weighs about eight pounds per gallon, so a four-gallon tank can easily add another 30 pounds to your load. That’s as much as 70 pounds to contend with as you try to steam clean your carpets.

It’s important to consider what you’re comfortable lifting. Heavy equipment can be difficult and dangerous to maneuver, especially if you’re not trained and experienced in using it. You can count on sore muscles, and you risk a serious injury. The last thing you want is to be laid low for weeks on end because of a slipped disk in your back.

Who knows a rental machine’s history?

As with any rental, you don’t know the machine’s history, and it’s common for steam cleaners to endure harsh treatment. How old is it? Who’s rented it? Has it been treated roughly? Does it still work, or will you have to return it to the store and negotiate for your money back? Those questions aren’t easy to answer.

Added costs can be deceptive.

You should expect to rent a steam cleaner by the hour or day, so you’ll need to estimate how long you’ll need it. If you don’t steam clean often, that estimation can be tricky, especially since the time is so variable. Depending on factors, including the surface area you intend to clean, steam cleaning can take a day or longer.

You’ll also need to budget for detergent, which you will usually have to buy separately. It can be difficult to know which product is best for your carpet, and what you can use safely with the steam cleaner. For instance, a vinegar-water solution is a common alternative to expensive detergent. However, it can be hard to get a clear answer about whether it will damage the rental machine.

A rented machine may not clean your carpet as well as you need.

Temperature is important when cleaning carpets: rented steam cleaners often don’t have the power to keep the detergent solution hot enough to kill the bacteria and allergen proteins in your carpet which are most responsible for the allergens in your home.

They also lack the power to sufficiently remove the detergent and water from your carpet. This is critical, because detergent and moisture left in your carpet fibers can cause mold to grow. Without the appropriate treatment, the expense of replacing moldy carpeting could overshadow the cost you hoped to save through renting a steam cleaner.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can ease these concerns.

At Modernistic, our certified technicians will take care of all the heavy lifting, saving you the risk of injury and the hassle of loading a bulky machine into your car. They come with extensive training and experience, so you can trust that they’ll do the job right the first time. We keep our gear in top-notch condition. Our truck-mounted cleaner provides about 20 times the power of a typical rented machine and contains a vacuum system capable of lifting a 15-pound bowling ball. If it can do that, it can clear the soil and detergent out of your carpet.

And at the end of the day, we will leave your carpet so clean you’ll be walking barefoot on it for the rest of the week.

So contact us today, by phone or using our online scheduler, where you can also get a quote to better estimate cost. Don’t forget to check out our coupons, which make it even easier for you.

Our work comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. So instead of renting a steam cleaner, let us save you time, money, stress, and sore muscles.

Your carpet will thank you.

Tips for Choosing New Carpet for your Home

Posted Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Getting the most for your money in Bay City

When it comes to carpet, smart buyers get the most bang for their buck. While it’s easy to tell if you like the look or feel of carpet, it’s important to keep a few other things in mind as well. Here’s a few tips for choosing new carpet so that you find the best for your home, your budget, and your family.

Pick your pile

Carpet comes in various piles, each with a distinctive look and level of durability. Some of the most popular are Plush, Saxony/Texture, Berber and Frieze. Plush and Saxony carpets have a dense pile that is cut straight across. Plush is soft, perfect for a master bedroom, but it crushes easily and will show footprints or vacuum tracks. Saxony has a traditional look, and wears well in a living room.

In high-traffic areas like the family room, a looped pile, like Berber, is the best choice. It’s sturdy, hides dirt and footprints, and even camouflages stains. Finally, Frieze pile is similar in look and feel to Plush, but more modern and casual. Because of the variegated heights of it’s fibers, it will also hide dirt and footprints like Berber, and so can be used in more places.

Choosing new carpet fiber

Carpets come from a variety natural and synthetic materials, like sisal, jute, and wool, or Olefin, Triexta, polyster and nylon. Most people agree that wool is the premium choice. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, and extremely soft. However, pure wool is also expensive. Wool blends are more affordable and will also have some of the benefits of synthetic fibers, which means these carpets are more durable and stain-resistant.

Olefin and Polyester are great budget choices. Polyester is also ecofriendly, since it is crafted from recycled materials. You might prefer one of these low-priced option in a room susceptible to water damage, like a basement. Many home owners chose Triexta for its softness, a result of its unusual chemical formulation that uses 39% corn sugars. Finally, Nylon has long been a popular choice for residential and commercial use, since it’s resilient, stain-resistant, and offered in a wide range of styles and prices.

Padding and installation

The carpet manufacturer should be able to recommend the carpet padding that will optimally support and cushion your carpet. Don’t underestimate the importance of good padding when choosing new carpet.

Without it you could see your carpet wearing out long before it should. Also, make sure you find an experienced and reliable carpet installer. Aside from avoiding unsightly lumps, bumps and seams, a quality carpet installation extends the life of your carpet.

Understand the maintenance requirements

Different carpets need different types of maintenance. Some will need more frequent cleaning, some are less stain-resistant, and some might require specific cleaning solvents. It’s best to be aware of requirements ahead of time. A beautiful carpet can easily become a stained eyesore without the proper care, so make sure that your choice will stand up to pets, guests, and children. Once you know what you’re getting into you can make your purchase confidently. Then contact Modernistic to keep your new carpet as lovely as it was the day you bought it!