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Additional Cleaning Services in the Vale, Colorado Area

Modernistic has been providing customers across the country with the best carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for more than 35 years. We also specialize in additional cleaning and remediation services, ranging from anti-allergen relief to mattress cleaning and flood cleanup.

Expert Cleaning Services – Colorado

Allergy Relief

Our professional grade anti-allergy agents can minimize the amount of allergens in the home for up to six months by reducing the dirt, debris and contaminates in your home’s carpet and upholstery by 90%. Modernistic’s anti-allergy solutions have been tested and proven to be highly effective at neutralizing most common allergens, including allergens from pets and dust mites.

Area Rug Cleaning

Modernistic has taken pride in returning area rugs to their original beauty for more than 35 years. Our area rug cleaning technicians are trained and certified to clean and maintain most bound and unbound carpets and area rugs.
We recommend having your home’s area rugs professionally cleaned twice a year in order to reduce the amount of dirt and debris being tracked throughout your home. You can either have us come right to your home to clean your area rug, or stop by the shop and have them cleaned in our Rugology department. If you choose to deliver your area rug to our facility, we will have them ready for pickup in a matter of days.

Carpet Repair

We offer three types of carpet repair services, designed to repair burns, tears, split seams, waves of ripples and even permanent stains.

Carpet Repair Services

  1. Carpet Re-Stretching – Our most requested repair. This method is used to repair “bubbling” found in the carpet. This procedure allows the carpet to lay flat again, just like the day you had it installed.
  2. Pad Replacement – Pad replacement is recommended when a stain has seeped deep into the carpet padding or if the present padding is worn down beyond repair. If the stain is not removable, the odor and stain will continue to resurface, causing more headaches.
  3. Carpet Cut and Patch – This cost-effective alternative to new carpet involves replacing damaged carpet (nail polish or candle wax stains) with a piece that has been removed from an unobtrusive place, such as a closet, or with leftover pieces.


Modernistic offers a variety of deodorizers, designed to eliminate odors, for a healthy and fresh-smelling home. Our deodorizing products eliminate odors, not just cover them up.
Our deodorizers can eliminate that musty smell of a basement, general household odors, cigarette smoke and pet odors. From hard surfaces to textiles to carpets, Modernistic can get to the root of the odor.

Our disinfectant deodorizers fight against tough bacteria, and can neutralize and eliminate even the toughest dog and cat urine odors.

How do we do it?

Our advanced solvent permanently encapsulate and seal the odors, eliminating the issue. Our deodorizers can actually prevent the return of pet urine odor, preventing moisture and humidity to reactivate the smell.

Our deodorizing agents are child-safe and can be used in homes, day-care centers, restaurants and nursing homes. We have a variety of fragrances, including Cinnamon, Citrus, Fresh Apple, Floral, Fresh Mint and more.

3M Scotchgard™ and DuPont Teflon™ Protection

Modernistic offers carpet and upholstery protectors designed to help protect your investment from stains, spots, spills and dirt. We offer 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet and DuPont Teflon™ Protectors to help prevent liquid spills from absorbing into carpet and upholstery.

Having your home protected with 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet and DuPont Teflon™ Protectors also helps with daily vacuuming, allowing your vacuum to remove up to three times more dirt and debris than untreated carpets!

The next time you schedule an appointment for our services, add 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet and DuPont Teflon™ Protectors to your order; you will not regret it!

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are one of the dirtiest objects found in the home. Residue, contaminants, germs and dust mites can all be found in your mattress. Modernistic can clean your mattresses, eliminating unwanted contaminants and allergens that may result in poor sleep patterns and unfulfilling nights of sleep.
We vacuum, pre-spray and clean your mattress with professional-grade truck-mounted steam extraction systems, eliminating odor and residue. We can also apply additional protection to your mattress with our anti-allergens, disinfectants and deodorizers.

Vehicle Cleaning

Dirt, soil, debris, grass and other contaminants are tracked into your vehicle on a daily basis. Modernistic specializes in complete vehicle cleanings for cars, trucks, motor homes and boats. When we are done cleaning your vehicle, your interior will look like it did the day you bought it.

  • We not only clean the floor mats in your vehicle, but we also thoroughly clean the upholstery and leather found throughout the vehicle.
  • We utilize hand-held tools designed to clean corners and crevices that other competitor tools cannot.
  • Our vehicle cleaning experts use powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning systems to complete the job.
  • Our technicians can clean your vehicle in the comfort of your own driveway, or you can drop it off at our local shop.
  • We will have your vehicles interior squeaky clean and ready to go by the end of the day, ready for pickup!
  • We guarantee results!

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