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How should you care for upholstered furniture?

Posted Friday, August 19th, 2016

Hey Grand Rapids, how’s that old armchair looking?

We all have that favorite sofa or armchair that we hope will last forever but has clearly seen better days. Whether you’re planning to order a replacement, or you just want to do what you what you can the extend the life of your current pieces, here are our suggestions for how you can better care for upholstered furniture.

Protect your fabric

Most fabric comes pre-treated with stain resistant materials, but you may want to look into some slipcovers for extra protection if your furniture will see heavy use or if it’s kept in a particularly sunny room.

Turn the cushions.

No, this isn’t about hiding that stain. You want to make sure that both sides of the cushion receive equal wear, so that one side does not go thin before the other. Fabric also fades naturally from sunlight, so by turning the cushions regularly you can keep them fading at an even rate.

Fluff your cushions

By taking time to fluff the padding, you refresh its shape, prevent it from going flat or developing uncomfortable lumps. This will also help wrinkles from developing.

Vacuum regularly

Keep dirt and other contaminants from being ground into the fabric. This will not only make your furniture look dingy, but will wear down the fibers as well. Take care when vacuuming near buttons, loose threads, or weak spots in fabric. Use a soft brush nozzle on the cushions, and a corner attachment for the crevices.

Spot clean

Blot up any spills or pet accidents immediately. Use only a small amount of cleaner, and make sure whatever you use is suited for the fabric type.

Bring in a professional

The best care you can give your upholstered furniture is regular treatment from a professional. At Modernistic, we can be sure to treat your upholstery fabric with the correct cleaning agents, so as not to damage your furniture. We have special tools to help clean out hard-to-reach places, so that by the time we’re done, it will look as if someone has breathed new life into your beloved armchair. Schedule an appointment or get a quote today.

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