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Going Back to School Without Getting the Family Sick

Posted Monday, September 11th, 2023

It’s the start of a new school year, full of optimism and excitement to what is in store. Your kids are back in class, reunited with their friends and classmates, and meeting new teachers. While you may be excited to see them come home full of energy and exciting stories about the classroom, they also might be bringing some uninvited guests – germs, viruses and other nasties that can turn a healthy household into a sickly shelter.

Family Health

When one child is sick, it can spread to the entire family, which can prolong recovery and it’ll seem harder and harder to get over that pesky cough or stuffy nose. What’s a parent to do? Never fear, as we help provide three simple things you can do around the house to prevent the spread of nasty germs so your kids can recover quicker and spare yourself of catching anything.

Disinfect High Touch Surfaces
Your first instinct may be to grab a bottle of disinfectant and wipe down every surface of your home. That level of mass cleaning can increase your chances of getting sick as you are also getting rid of necessary bacteria your body uses to keep its autoimmune system in top shape. Instead, consider sanitizing the surfaces that get the most attention throughout the day – doorknobs to the sick child’s room, dining table, toilet, etc. Think about where your family spends most of their time at home and concentrate on wiping or spraying those surfaces.

For harder to clean areas like furniture upholstery, Modernistic can provide a quick and thorough cleanse so you can get back to your favorite cosey spot after your partner is out of couch quarantine. We also offer mattress cleaning to make sure your guest beds are free from lingering germs and fresh for visiting families as holiday season approaches.

Clean High-Traffic Carpet
While you may be focusing on cleaning hard surfaces that are within reach, it’s easy to forget that the carpet you are walking on is your home’s largest air filter. The carpet in the most visited, high-traffic areas of your home will have dirt, bacteria and viruses settled into the fibers, which can be released back into the air and keeping your family on a delayed loop of sniffles and sneezes.
While vacuuming can eliminate 90-95% of dry soil from your carpet, it won’t help remove the underlying germs that can infect your home.

Instead, consider a professional cleaning with Modernistic’s hot-water extraction system that cleans with water hot enough to kill most bacteria. As a bonus, Modernistic can apply a free disinfectant to every carpet cleaned for added protection.

Change Clothes and Linens
Another area where bacteria and viruses can stick around during the day is your clothing. They can hitch a ride on your clothes and stay around longer than expected. If you have any family still attending school or work while a sick one is at home, encourage them to change out of their clothes as soon as they get home. Not only will this reduce the chances of germs hanging around the house, it also decreases the chance any sickness can spread to other family members or to others outside the home.

Also consider increasing your washing routine, as the germs can stay on clothes for an extended period of time, so you don’t want to lengthen your recovery time by being exposed to contaminated laundry. The same can be said about your bed and pillow linens. Even if feeling better, the germs can still stick around, so make sure your sheets are changed and washed to prevent the spread of sickness, but also enjoy the extra freshness that comes with changed clothes or pillow case. With increased laundry washing also means that you’ll be using the dryer more often, so don’t forget to empty out your lint trap to avoid fires. Modernistic can help protect your home one step further by cleaning your dryer vent as well.

Open the Windows
If your sick child or spouse is stuck in the house, that means everybody else is also in close quarters with the germy family members. With everybody stuck inside, you probably not getting the best air circulation in your home, which means you’re more likely to breath in the germ-ridden particles stuck in the air. Take advantage of the dropping temperatures and open some of your windows to improve the air flow around the home by bringing in fresh breezes and flushing out the stale, contaminated air.

Get Your Air Ducts in a Row
Another way to help filter your air is a professional airduct cleaning from Modernistic. If it’s been a while, your air ducts can trap dust, pollen and other pollutants, making fresh air circulation more difficult in your home. Schedule an air duct cleaning today so you can breathe a sigh of relieve without worrying about breathing in what has been trapped in your vents over the summer.

On top of cleaning your air duct that just gets rid of dust a debris, consider an extra step in keeping your home germ free with an air duct sanitization. Modernistic uses a botanical-based disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, and mildew, in addition to eliminating odors. The plant-based sanitizing system kills cold and flu viruses within one minute of contact on a hard surface.

Back to school should be an exciting time full of new beginnings and new chapters in life. Don’t let a sick loved one slow down your family’s life with these simple house tips to get them back on and knock sickness off their feet.

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