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Modernistic Tile Cleaning Process

Our process is simple & quick! Upon arrival, our IICRC certified technicians will evaluate the tile and grout being cleaned. They will then begin the cleaning process by applying a treatment to your grout lines, which will help to break down the most stubborn contaminants.  After the treatment dwells, our technicians will use a specialized agitation brush to remove years of build up from your grout lines.  Once this step is complete, your tile and grout will be ready for a deep cleaning with our truck-mounted hot water extraction system. With our truck-mounted hot water extraction system, we are able to use clean water heated to 220 – 240 degrees, along with a high pressure, dual jet rotary tool, to clean and extract your tile and grout, all in one simple step! Once the technician has achieved the desired result, they will hand dry the tile and apply the protective sealant. For an even better visual, check out our 30-second video at the bottom of this page; it shows you exactly what you can expect when you hire Modernistic!

Applying the Sealant

Applying the sealant is essential to maintaining a deep clean, with minimal maintenance. Unsealed floors are very vulnerable to staining.  Our specialized, penetrating sealant, absorbs into the grout itself and serves as a protective barrier, repelling water and oil, so spills bead up, rather than soak in to the grout (potentially discoloring it).  Once applied, our sealant does not make the floors appear glossy or shiny, nor does it alter the anti-slip properties. It is recommended you stay off the tile for a minimum of two hours, after which, you may walk on it with bare feet or socks. Furniture can be replaced after the sealant has completely cured, which is normally 24 hours. By using the most effective cleaning method and products on the market, the results are effective for up to one year, depending on routine maintenance and traffic.

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