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Water Restoration – Emergency Plan – Residential and Commercial

Residential Emergency Plan

Home ownership is a great accomplishment in a person’s life. But it also comes with risk, as even the sturdiest of homes sometimes suffer the effects of accidents. Burst pipes, overflowing toilets, leaky roofs and broken dishwashers or washing machines can all wreak havoc on your home. In addition, the severe storms so typical of Michigan weather can flood a basement in no time. Water damage accumulates quickly and sometimes silently, and the effects can be extremely dangerous. Electrical components that are exposed to water pose a serious electrocution risk to you and your family members. Still-water accumulation fosters the growth of mildew and mold, some forms of which create highly toxic gases that then disperse through the air. Damage to the foundation of a home weakens the entire structure and leaves it exposed to further ruin from harsh Michigan storms and destructive pests like termites. We recommend having an emergency plan that includes the Modernistic water restoration team.
The effects of water damage can leave you feeling overwhelmed, distressed and unsure of what to do. At Modernistic, we care about the wellbeing of our customers and know how important it is for you to feel safe and comfortable at home. That’s why we have developed the Emergency Response Plan, our methodical and cutting-edge system of water restoration. Using advanced technology, our IICSC-certified flood restoration technicians work tirelessly to remove the water from your home and repair any damaged structures and furnishings. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality service to our valued customers through the use of trailblazing tactics and quick thinking. When water damage threatens the safety of your home, don’t wallow in fear – call the water restoration experts at Modernistic right away!

Commercial Emergency Plan

When a water emergency happens in your place of business, productivity takes a hit. It is impossible to focus on important projects, prepare for meetings or collaborate with your coworkers when a flood emergency lurks in the office. Your regular business activities will certainly be affected by a flood emergency. Finicky sprinklers, backed-up sewers and leaky sinks are unwanted interruptions to the work day. Water damage at work ruins both your commercial building and can dampen employee morale. The elite IICRC-certified water restoration team at Modernistic knows that in today’s bustling world, time is money. Don’t let water damage get your goat and slow or completely halt regular business functioning – take charge and contact Modernistic as soon as you notice any water damage at work. We will arrive as soon as possible, ready to assess the damages and create a thorough Emergency Response Plan. Using cutting-edge technology and the industry’s most lucrative tactics, our technicians work quickly and exhaustively to dry and repair your commercial property. That means your team will be back to business in no time. We strive to exceed your expectations and earn your trust. That’s why customer service is of primary importance at Modernistic. When disaster strikes, don’t wait – call Modernistic and ensure that your business stays in business.

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