Hardwood Floor Cleaning FAQs

Q: How often should I have my hardwood floor professionally cleaned?

A: Professional hardwood floor cleaning should be scheduled based on need. A lot depends on the type of floor and the amount of attention that you give to your floor. A good way to tell if your floor is ready for a deep cleaning and resurfacing is by checking cracks and grooves for heavy grime and dirt accumulation. Also surface scratches and dents across the entire floor may warrant professional hardwood floor restoration services.

Q: What are the benefits of the advanced dustless deep cleaning technology used at Modernistic?

A: The main advantages of our dustless deep cleaning technique for hardwood floors are a reduction of time on-the-job and debris and dirt management during the sanding process. The equipment we use controls the spread of particles in the air and around the house.

Q: After I have my hardwood floor professionally cleaned, how should I clean and maintain the floor?

A: Regular sweeping/vacuuming to keep surface dirt to minimum can greatly reduce scratches and dirt accumulation in cracks and crevices of the hardwood floor. Also steam cleaning the floor frequently is an effective means to remove grime from the surface from spilled liquids or sticky messes. Using dry mops or any other “low water” method of cleaning the floor is recommended.

Q: The wood floor is lighter where my area rug was laying. What happened?

A: Sunlight can accelerate the natural “patina” that all wood floors undergo over time. Cleaning and refinishing your wood floor may decrease the visibility of this condition, but the best way to avoid uneven patina is too use blinds/drapes in rooms that have area rugs. Also periodically moving large rugs around the floor may allow the floor to receive equal sunlight over time and age more consistently with the rest of the wood floor.

Q: My wood floor is damaged. Can it be repaired?

A: Yes. Modernistic offers deep hardwood floor cleaning and resurfacing to repair surface imperfections and restore the natural beauty and durability of your hardwood floor. This process is a simple, quick and effective way to make your floor look good and protect for many years.

Q: After I get my floor cleaned, should I wax it regularly as maintenance?

A: No. It is not a good idea to wax a urethane finished floor. This will cause the wood floor to be slippery and the floor will require continuous re-waxing. Also any re-surfacing project that you wish to complete down the road will require a full sanding process.

Q: How do I lengthen the time between cleanings/re-surfacings?

A: Keep grit, dirt and debris off the floors by dusting, dry mopping or vacuuming regularly. Also using doormats to control dirt accumulation in entryways can help to reduce surface scratches and dirt and grime buildup on/in your hardwood floor.

Q. Is it smart to use a wet mop on my hardwood floors?

A. Wet mops are never advisable on hardwood flooring as it may raise the wood grain and also lead to irreversible damage.

Q: Is there a lot of mess to manage during the hardwood floor cleaning/restoration process?

A: No. Our advanced dust-less cleaning technology decreases dirt and debris spread throughout your home and into the air. The hardwood floor cleaning technicians at Modernistic are experts at completing the floor cleaning process in a clean, timely and professional manner.